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I neglect y’all too much: my facebook round-up: Digging for gold when there ain’t none

when you are so cheap that the mere act of giving the womxn whom you slept with some cash disturbs you, it shows how little you truly value yourself. y’all are forever trying to project your weak ass insecurities on womxn because your manhood is firmly rooted in how far your erection reaches. you don’t think a womxn deserves more than your dick because your dick is all you got. Continue reading

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I get it now. The reason why we hate sex workers is because we don’t like when women are in control of their own lives and destiny. I see it clear now, that to use sex, the thing that men … Continue reading

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Sexism and the power of the pussy

There isn’t a doubt in my mind that if men held the same power sexually as women did, that the majority of them would use it for personal gain. A lot of you know this personally. If you could sell … Continue reading

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