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See the Black Heaux speak

If you have been just itching to see me in person, now is your chance. In this talk I want to address a major plague that happens not just in the sex worker community, but within many communities where sexual … Continue reading

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Edit: Since posting this article a few minutes ago, I found out that the female bell pepper theory is hogwash. But my sentiments are still the same. Enough already! to me this is worse than calling women bitches. well…you know … Continue reading

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it’s giving give to the heaux!

#GivingTuesday for Transgender Leadership for #SexWorkerRights Organizations in the United States working for the rights of sex workers face significant barriers to funding including a foundation sector dominated by the belief that sex workers need saving rather than rights and … Continue reading

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HEAUX! HEAUX! HEAUX! Chistmas is upon us! And I just discovered there is a store after my own heart. They thought of me when they named it. Hook a brotha up! I will take a face beating for the upholstered … Continue reading

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My time, is your time…NOT!

I don’t know if I wrote about this before, but fuck it. It came up tonight in a group conversation and sparked some memories of when I didn’t quite know my worth in this business. A time when I used … Continue reading

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