I get it now. The reason why we hate sex workers is because we don’t like when women are in control of their own lives and destiny. I see it clear now, that to use sex, the thing that men think they are entitled to, as a means to an end–or to stay independent of men by making them pay for what they think is their birthright, truly disrupts the patriarchy and all this toxic masculinity.

On social media, I often times use the hashtag #NotASexWorker, when I come across news stories that depict some horrid shit happening to people of all ages who are well, NOT SEX WORKERS. The thing is that the trade and the women in the trade get blamed for so much shit that happens to them and within the general society, that I felt it was needed to highlight these tragedies by expressing how sex work had nothing to do with it. Some of the stories are really fuckin gruesome and heartbreaking. From cops raping children to women being murdered by their husbands.  It may seem a bit heartless to tag a post with the hashtag, but it’s also heartless to keep regulating my body with bullshit reasoning when men (and yes I know sometimes women) go on taking advantage of people, committing unspeakable crimes against others, then talk about how sex work is the root to all these problems when clearly it’s NOT.

One of the main themes that had me start this hashtag was the institution of marriage. In this first of many episodes of #NotASexWorker let’s focus on these bride kidnappings. Notice how there is no talk of sex workers here. Just shitty people wanting to control women.

Fuck. I never even knew this was a thing!!

Behold the epitome of male fragility and toxic masculinity. Male entitlement, privilege; and why women need to learn how to fight, shoot a gun and should never ever be nice to men. This was hard to watch.


I say to this, don’t you think it’s time we end the institution of marriage? Or regulate it the same way in which the patriarchy wants to regulate women’s bodies? And how about an end to religious practice? It always seems to rear its ugly head in situations such as this. Here is a shorter version of this deplorable, antiquated, male-dominated action against women. Please note: I don’t care if this situation is not in the majority of the countries it takes place. Neither are sex trafficked women/children being forced into the sex slave market at the inflated numbers you have been lead to believe. We also need to dismantle police forces. What is the point of their existence if not to protect ALL its citizens? They always seem to cause more harm than good.

Also, fuck your friends. Bitches are shady. #TrustNoBitch

Respect and honor to be bestowed upon the women that took their own lives to tell men to fuck off.


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