I neglect y’all too much: my facebook round-up: Digging for gold when there ain’t none

I realize how easy it is to post on facebook, which often has me neglecting to come here and let you in my personal life. so i vow to make sure that if i don’t actually just post here and allow my fb followers to respond via the link, i will just give you the round up of the day or the week.

yesterday was comedy gold. my new lover, who replaced my last one, who was equally a trash box that should be set on fire; called me a gold digger. this is ironic being that the nigga ain’t got no gold. It made me realize that men really need to be set straight on a few things. 1. if you are broke, someone legit can’t take you for your…money. 2. it ain’t trickin if you got it. 3. don’t bitch about womxn digging for gold when you have no problem asking for their pussy.

it should also be noted that the anger at “gold digging” is really you mad as fuck that womnx are asking for what they want. and have the audacity to not want to give you pussy just because you think it’s your birthright.


Men. A note: when you are so cheap that the mere act of giving the womxn whom you slept with some cash disturbs you, it shows how little you truly value yourself. y’all are forever trying to project your weak ass insecurities on womxn because your manhood is firmly rooted in how far your erection reaches. you don’t think a womxn deserves more than your dick because your dick is all you got. i wonder if onset erectile dysfunction by the time you turn 40 would influence more of you working at being a better human.

It’s unbelievable how much worth you all put in your dicks and the almighty dollar. a lot of you lose out on such promising relationships because of your focus on your penises and your thin ass wallets. you don’t think womxn are worth more, because you yourself are worth/less. who are you without your erection and something as fickle as money? if that’s where your worth is, you might wanna do some soul diving bro.

womyn: ask for and get what you want from these men. they will toss you out like trash and tell you things like, “i rather do something for you when i want to.” don’t accept that. especially when it’s on the heels of them inviting themselves to your body and time as if they are entitled to it.

i don’t have the energy to post the screenshots of me dragging this nigga by his dry ass dreads and leaving him for dead. i’ll save that for the book. instead here are some highlights of my fb posts where i chatted him up a bit, in order of the most recent post:

Joy is, calling a mofo by his govt when he told you it was something else. Checkmate bitch.

Im just going full on Nefertiti arrogant for 2018. Being nice to potential male mates have proved futile over the past 30 yrs. An overwhelming amount of the male species lacks the courage it takes to be open, loving and honest with themselves. They cant receive love bc of how much toxic fragility is at their core. My foundation is loving, empathetic and compassionate. But i will be damned if i am going to sit and be a continuous dumpster for anyone’s short comings and projections.

Bros, yall need some serious soul diving. You are all relentlessly broken and the energy around you says you dont have to fix it.
But the feminine energy is having its day. And an awkening is taking place. This is why yall are being called out for your sexually inappropriate behaviors. Your day has finally come.

I believe in doing no harm. I believe that love is ultimate goal and if we center ourselves around that idea things can be so peaceful. But for the love of god stop coming for me if i didnt send for you. Im a water sign bitch. And i will drown you. EDIT: since i am on the cusp of water and fire. after i drown you, i will dig up your carcass and burn you. bitch.

“Nigga, i sneeze on dicks for more money than that. Get the fuck off my line”-Akynos

I told old boy to watch his mouf. I just had to lay a nigga out. Why yall negroids dont understand that i am the undisputed champion in how to destroy a man?

Yall. I just got called a gold digger by a nigga with no gold. Can someone tell me where they do that at?????



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