Niggahz swear that if they wear nice shoes and have slung in over a dozen pussies in their lifetimes, that they are the shit. When will men quit it with the short comings? I swear it seems as if all men have going for themselves is their dick.  And half of them don’t even know how to sling their dick properly. But they want to be chased, forgiven for some fucked up shit they said or done, and never give but always receive whenever they feel they deserve it.

I have said it before and I will say it again. I charge men to treat me like a Whore. I will be damned if I stand by and let some shabby mfka who can barely provide the place to fuck me, or could even follow through on a simple promise trreat me less than that. The free rides are over.

Pussy is earned. It is not your right.

With all that said and done, I went to Afropunk for the first time today. The Black beauty that I was surrounded by was astonishing. The Black men there were of some sort of erotic/exotic beauty like I have never seen. Just fuckin beautiful. In the back of my mind I wondered which one of them was out there giving some poor woman problems.

Boys are mean.

I mean, it’s baffling to me really. When men behave as if women’s pussies aren’t the magical portal to another universe that they NEED in order to function in this world. Like our pussies aren’t god’s fuckin literal gift that bought them in this world and helps them sustain. Like, our pussies, the all encompassing vagina, isn’t what makes them feel more like a man. They brag about gettting pussy to their friends. They feel like they’ve taken something from you when they get it without even trying. And they even try to force their dicks in our magical holes in order to take power away from us. So all the men of the world could kindly fuck off and recognize that the pussy is their life force. Bow down bitches. Without it there would be no you.

And even with all the knowledge of how magical and neeed the pussy is, men will still do everything and anything, subconsciously I suppose, to never get the pussy again. It’s amazing really. They talk their way out of pussy sending off some of the most vibrant non-verbal cues that makes my shit dry up like a dessert. then they, somewhere down the line, they want to know why. Why bitch? Like really?

All I am gonna say to that is y’all legitimately have to do better. Think better. Think progressively. Think selflessly. Be conscious. Cognitive. Be serious. Be thoughtful. The world doesn’t revolve around you and your basic needs. It doesn’t not cater to your unconscious misogyny. And that fuckin dissonance which shows in every morsel of your thoughtless actions. The world and the women around you are progessing and y’all stay lacking. And that shit is…tired. Aren’t you mfkaz bored already?

I am not, (and no woman of any virtue should), go out of her way to convince a man that she is worthy of trying for. Why? With the effort never comes a reward. And it’s easy to see because y’all are never half shit. Y’all make zero effort to even be a person of your word and you want the graces of what’s between our legs? AND all our energy around it?

I am rambling.

He asked me one day, “do you like men?” And I was greatlly offended because to me, it was evident that I love men. But man I am tired of y’all lazy shit.



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