Side-eyeing this outrage

Y’all. I have half a piece written on the organized and legalized hate riot that spewed in Charlottesville days ago. It’s just too much to deal with, so my words are just sitting there, waiting for you to read.

But I have enough raw emotion to write this quickie right here.

Something came up on my newsfeed not too long ago that sparked it:

Why did Charlottesville wake you up but not Ferguson?

And to that it’s a simple answer. It did not affect White people.

The faux unity is cute. It makes for good headlines. Let’s other countries look at us like we are finally uniting for a good cause. Makes house niggaz think that White people aren’t racist afterall. And it even makes White people feel like they’re standing for something. Even though that something is really just them.

See the thing is this. I am glad to see Black and White people marching together for the sake of tearing down White supremacy. It’s almost tear jerking seeing the comradery as all races and ages stand together on the front lines tearing down statues and spraying Nazi’s with fire. That shit is what good TV is made of. I don’t mean to make light of the situation, but prior to seeing this question I really was thinking: Would White people honestly be out there marching like this if a good sum of them weren’t affected by this?

I mean if memory serves me correctly, when Blacks are standing out on the frontlines marching because our Black lives were lost due to state sanctioned violence, and by the hands of anti-Black POC; I just don’t remember ever seeing this much White people trying to tear down those racists structures the way they are now.

I want to be completely happy for what is currently happening in this country. But in the back of my mind all I keep thinking is: When the dust settles will White people go back to upholding racial biases against Blacks? Like blame us for our own death no matter how much proof there is that it was racially motivated violence? Will they go back to denying us housing? (I mean that’s still happening now but that is for an entirely different discussion.) Will they go back to paying us less? Eliminating us from the game before we can even play it? Erasing us from our history or appropriating our shit while telling us we ain’t shit at the same damn time?

The thing is, I don’t believe that the only White people who uphold racist ideals are the ones wearing the proverbial hoods screaming “Jews will not replace us!” I think they are the ones that smile in our faces. Latch on to us because Black is cute until you gotta care about a Black life. The ones that support establishments that have systematically excluded Black bodies from their spaces. The ones we work with, eat with and laugh with. The ones who say dumb microaggressive shit like, “I didn’t realize you were Black!” Like that colorblind nonsense is anything more than denying someone their Blackness, and right to exist as such, and be recognized and respected as such.

See the thing is, what’s happening now on the one hand is progressive as fuck. But on the other hand I just don’t think that once the dust is settled we all gonna be on some kumbaya shit. I think when it’s all said and done there is still so much more work to do in order to break down and unpack the layers of racism that lies beneath the surface of this blood stained country. I think White people who feel they are exempt from this conversation surrounding race and how they contribute to acts of violence against Blacks and POC, need to take this as a learning moment and be prepared to undo everything that has been embeddd in them since before birth to fix this tragic shit.

I am so tired of this country and it’s antics. In my lifetime this is the first I have ever seen of us coming close to an uprising. I have been waiting for it. It is long overdue. But even though my wish is sorta kinda getting granted, I am still side-eyeing the shit out of it cause I’m like; this is some literal bullshit.

Half you mfka ain’t neva give a damn about being on the frontlines til you realized that your skin color won’t save you from the wrath of domestic terrorism by the hands of White nationals who are ignorant to their core, and are proud of how inherently violent they can and will become.

This country was built on that. Sometimes casualities will look a lot like the people committing acts of terrorism, even though their beliefs are different. That’s part of the breaks in war, when you are trying to win.

How does it feel though?

Too many of you didn’t listen when Black and POC have been telling you that this is a problem in our daily lives. Y’all shook as a mfka, but honestly we have been use to this. If it took now for you to take any form of action against racism and bigotry in this country then you been apart of the problem. And this collective anger may spark some change but you’re gonna have to do a lot to convince me you 100% give a fuck and will do the work it takes to dismantle this shit. I mean it’s cute and all what y’all doin. But how long will it be before you go back living in your gentrified homes, eating your designer mayonaisse, pretending that Black people ain’t out here getting stomped on by the system with no end in sight?

Look, if you’re White readin this and thinking #NotAllWhitePeople, you are exactly what I have a problem with. If you are indeed not one of them, then now is the chance to start doing the work to tear apart these systems that devalue our lives. Not just by killing us physically. But by denying us access to meet even our most basic needs. Racism isn’t just about marching with torches with the fervor of wanting everyone dead who doesn’t look like you or shares your bigoted values. It’s about how you deal with Blacks and POC on a day-to-day to give them equal rights to live and exist just as you.

Capitalism will probably never make this a reality in this country. And tearing down Donald Trump and these KKK enthusiasts is only the beginning. The entire system needs to be destroyed from the top down. Blood has to be shed. You have to be willing to become incredibly uncomfortable. The truth is in your actions. And if your actions stop even a foot short then you ain’t about this life. The revolution is not about convenience. It’s about being greatly inconvenienced. And no, peaceful assemblying will not save you. This country was built on violence. And in order to turn it around, it’s going to have to be done through violence.




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