Cop rapes sex worker in NYC then arrests her


In case it wasn’t clear. Cops are allowed to lie to, entrap, then have sex with prostitutes. After having sex with these prostitutes, on your taxpayer money nonetheless; these same cops then arrest said prostitute in the name of breaking the law.


Let this sink in deep into your subconscious for a minute.

A cop. Hired and paid through taxpayer dollars to uphold the fuckin law. Is allowed to solicit sex through means of lies and coercion from a prostitute, then have sex with the worker. Then after ejaculating on your money, arrest, and jail the sex worker after.

I mean what can we expect when these are the same people allowed to kill another human being that poses no threat to them and get off, always?

Does this not ring familiar to some of your dating nightmares where say, a guy you met gets sex from you by lying? Then after he is done fucking you, calls you all types of sluts and bitches? Or even tries to pass you on to his boy? Or any other misogynistic shit that this toxic patriarchal society can come up with to degrade women and make them pay for having the nerve to have sex.

No question about it. If you feel the anti-sex work culture that the U.S. embraces is not about the hatred for women and women having agency over their bodies, you are a part of the problem. Here is the situation that just took place recently in NY. I included a quote from a social media friend that sums up the hypocrisy of the sex-crazed culture we live in. On one hand being a slut is embraced to some regard; so as long as you give it to men when they want it. (And of course so as long as you don’t let them work for it). On the other hand, if you decide to take that same slut behavior (that men really crave, want and desire) and get paid for it because why get fucked for free when you have bills?  American culture predominantly has an issue with it.

#AmIRight real housewives of America?

Fuck. Two friends and community members were entrapped and arrested by an undercover this weekend AFTER completing their session. This is info from the one who’s been released, the other is still in jail with no bail yet posted:

“NYC Sex workers should be aware that there is an undercover pig or C.I. rapist targeting FS sex workers off Backpage. He said his name was “Thomas Carvan” when we screened him but since he wasn’t our arresting officer, I haven’t been able to obtain his real name or badge number. He had us email someone who called themselves “Lucy Luxe” who had apparently seen him before and vouched for him. Please be careful out there!!”

So, you know, if your weekend includes edgy fun slutty activities or performance and media depicting SWers keep in mind that there are still very real consenting adults in the world doing these jobs who will not be getting to enjoy the ability to do those things and that there are people out there actually getting paid to seek out, assault and imprison them.

This post is not public, please copy and paste if you wish to help spread this info. #freebambi #norapistcops

If you’d be interested in contributing to the funds to help support Bambi, her release and obtaining legal council, please donate to This is the grassroots sex worker organization that Bambi and others founded and work on to support sex workers in need. They have had to help me one or two times to get out of a jam. You can follow updates from @RedUpnyc on twitter as well, as they have been tweeting heavily about it.

Since Bambi and her organization have things already set up, myself and The Black Sex Worker Collective won’t be taking donations for this at this time.

These arrests impact the lives of these people that do this work. This work that you callously joke about. And talk about as if you can just drop your education or day time jobs and just do because society has taught you that somehow this work is easy. If it were easy all of us would be rich. If it were easy we wouldn’t suffer from burn out. If it were easy there would be no sex worker rights movement asking you to respect our work, our lives, and stop assuming this work is easy because you are a lazy lay.

When sex workers get arrested it ruins our chances of getting housing and disrupts our basic needs for survival. We become targets for discrimination because how we choose to use our energy, through consent, is vilified and disrespected. Our rights to see and care for their families, who, believe it or not, is the reason why many of us do this work, are infringed upon. Imagine losing your right to live and be with and take care of your family because you would rather be paid for a service that society thinks you should give away for free?

State sanctioned rape should not be acceptable because you think sex is a right owed to you. #enddemandnow #norapistcops Sex work is about you as an individual to have the freedom to do with your body as you please. You may not agree with the work, but this isn’t about whether or not you want to do the work. If you don’t like sex workers, don’t hire us or become one of us. But you should respect us.

State sponsored rape should be a crime. If it can happen to us. It can happen to you.


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