Stop asking your hookers to be ready NOW

The “are you available now?” messages truly get under my fuckin skin.

Do you think that we just appear at your locations? We don’t actually have fairy ho mothers that just wiggle their magic wand and we can be dressed, at your location or have ours ready in a flash! We are whores not magicians. Book your sessions ahead. Give us time to be ready for you. This isn’t some hooker on demand shit. We aren’t just sitting pretty waiting for you to call us. Have some respect when you decide to do this shit.

The in call needs to be cleaned and suitable for you to be there and feel comfortable. You want to be in a room of trash on other people’s DNA? Can I wash my snatch? Refresh my breath? Can I make sure you have a clean glass to drink out of if you wanted wine or water? Can you respect our time though?


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