The truth about whoring

I write to you from the land down under. On a quest to experiment whether or not being a whore in a white white world will indeed make a difference than if i were say, in a melting pot where anyone at any time could have the kind of woman they want.

As some of you may or may not know, i haven’t really whored in quite some time. not since i allowed myself to fall in the pits of the whore goddesses hell and fell madly in love with a client who smashed my heart and killed my soul. the comeback was fuckin hard.

but as i go through a sort of midlife crisis, i decided to take a journey across waters to find myself and regain my inner soul as the bitch willing to suck as many dicks to defeat poverty.

first off, fuck all of you who say this shit is easy. are you fuckin kidding!

my first client in oz was of a guy with a penis so small he couldn’t get it in me. and because of my slight eagerness to finish up this quick session, i forgot to tell him to shower first and had to endure the smell of his wrenk balls. now as you go ewww and judge me, remember this: 1. half you heaux don’t get paid to suck wrenk dick. you do it for free and the mothafucka may not even respect you in the morning. this one will be coming back to give me more of his hard earned cash. (of course i will make him shower first). And 2. Nurses may not suck dick (yes this is a stab at someone in particular #salty), but they come in contact with some intimate parts of their patients. The only thing that separates me and a  nurse are benefits and respectability within the corrupt/hypocritical society we live in. And just to add, half you bitches get your pussy waxed and it’s more intrusive than my pap smear, so fuck you. i endured his tiny dick for less than 30 min and i was $200 richer.

second client, a black man, wanted to know how to make his dick bigger. lord the myth of the big black dick. poor thing. i had to ensure him that he not only is able to get an erection, his erection was a good hard one. he needed to focus more on pleasing his partner and having mindful contact. it’s how ya move it. and if you are into each other. he took all 30 minutes to come because of course, he just had sex not that long ago. bastard. i personally feel like a loser if i can’t get them in and out in 15 min. but c’est la whoring.

the night is still young here. yes, almost 4am. and my eyes are burning. but i journeyed far. no rest for the wicked. i’ll be fuckin all night.


*shout out to all my whores on the ground that made this shit possible! you da real MVP+

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