When even condom brands don’t even want to be bothered with the whores

You would think a condom brand as large as Trojan would be the likely party to position themselves in the fight for sexual health. Especially when it’s pertaining to sex workers. You know the vectors of disease? The harlots that just don’t like to use condoms? Instead they have proven that they could take our money but could careless. Here is some convo on what happened when my director at Desiree Alliance reached out to them:

Yesterday, I tweeted to Trojan condoms about how we provided 16,000 condoms at our 2016 conference and they should sponsor us for next Desiree. I was told they wouldn’t provide us samples for our next conference but, here’s the kicker, “provide us with coupons”.

It has been eating at me ever since!

How the fuck do you not acknowledge that 16,000 condoms were given away at the largest sex worker conference in the US?

How the fuck does one of the lead condom makers not acknowledge that sex workers purchase their wares en masse?

Yeah, if I see 1 motherfucking Trojan condom at our next conference, Ima gonna:

1. Stomp on it with a stiletto
2. set fire to it
3. Poke holes in it
4. Make hand balloons
5. Put a stake thru them and place them east/west/north/south at the far most corners of our space to send a message of fear to their users
6. Berate Trojan condoms at every microphone opportunity I get

#FuckTrojan #CorporateFalsehoods #AlternativeAdvertising

Ho’s are famous for screenshots! Desiree Alliance‏ @DesireeAlliance Apr 5
@TrojanCondoms We gave 16,000 condoms away at the largest sex worker conference in the US. You should be a sponsor for 2018!
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Trojan Brand Condoms‏Verified account @TrojanCondoms Apr 7
@DesireeAlliance that’s great – but we can’t provide samples for your project right now. How ‘bout some coupons? http://bit.ly/29YdkBS
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Desiree Alliance‏ @DesireeAlliance 23h23 hours ago
Our conference is in July 2018 and no thanks, we don’t need your coupons but would love samples or sponsorship.
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Desiree Alliance‏
Replying to @DesireeAlliance @TrojanCondoms
How do u not acknowledge 16,000 condoms and the sex workers who purchase your wares en masse? I think sw’s shld rethink your products #SW

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