Heaux on traveling: The South African edition

I’ve been in South Africa a full 2 weeks and have not posted on this page much. You have to be following me on other social media for any of what I have been experiencing in Durban to enter your lives. Right now I am still in recovery from food poisoning, which I think I earned from eating a steak at Butcher Block on Florida Road, which had far more more blood in it than I would previously stomach. And by far more I mean some blood as oppose to zero. But I think I have learned my lesson to not try and be like real grown people who eat their steak with a little blood in it. Cause uhm, for the first time in my life i was on the toilet pooping and puking at the same fuckin time and I still think i have not fully recovered. I received a bunch of meds from a pharmacist in town today, thanks to my airbnb host for the lift. And it’s still not helping. I want to violently vomit, poop or severly fart on everything. My stomach is pissed.

That aside I have some strength, and apparently just a little cooperation from the internet to type this up. My stomach bloated about six months in front of me, I can tell you some things about Durban off the bat in case you are thinking of coming. In posts to follow, if I get to it, it will be more precise to things I have done and places I have seen.

  1. Durban is the most art deprived place I have ever been. While there is some art here, they are lacking in so much that I do hope I can return and give this potential city something to talk about. The lack of art shows up all around the city. It’s fuckin ugly and there is a reason why. There is a lack of concentration on creativity.
  2. I take previous statements back about White people not actually the majority of people worldwide. They are! And it is blatant as fuck in a foreign country. I guess my idea is to come to a Black country and not only see Black peop[le working and living, but owning. Well, just like NY and the rest of the White washed world, White people own everything. The Kung-Fu studio, White. The bellydance studio, White. The coffee shops, yes, all White. Unless of course, you go to the hoods of Durban, something I do not recommend without a guide. Then you see everything Black. And it is as dusty as China Town in any neighborhood in America. Crowded, dirty, and has everything on the cheap.
  3. The womens asses are huge and admirable. The men are the ugliest I have seen. Safe to say if I do indeed decide to relocate here for a while, my pussy will be dry to the touch. Cause they are meh at best. It’s a fun fact that I think most men are ugly and I am pretty sure I’m a raging lesbian, so there’s that.
  4. Also, the make up and wig game here is like seeing a bad make-up job on a corpse. I swore I wasn’t going to put this on here, becaue I thought, how rude. But for the love of fuckin God, can someone do some color correction and wig tutorials for these women? I am not saying I am the greatest at this because I am not. But it is really bad out here. Like reeeeaaaallly bad.
  5. The beach  has been my best escape and my point of gloating to those on the east coast who only dream of walking to the beach. I literally can, and have and it has been fabulous. Though getting into the water is tricky as there is no beach culture here. Meaning, there are no lockers to lock up your things. And the beaches barely sell things that are helpful like sun tan lotion. You should come with a buddy and or a car. And if all else fails you can watch the water and sip cocktails at one of the many restaurants which sit right by the beach.
  6. Food can be cheap but you need to know where to shop. WoolWorth’s is expensive. Superspar is reasonable. And veggies/fruits here are seasonal. So don’t get your hopes up abut mangoes in April.
  7. The dollar is worth almost ZAR14 here. A cheap meal can be as low as 80 Rand here. Do the math.
  8. I find most things here I am not interested in buying. Unless they are house goods and some adornments. MEH
  9. Getting your grooming done can be reasonable. Just stay out of the malls, where the prices are “real”. I have some info on places to go just in case you visit.
  10. Hotels are no longer inexpensive like it was last year. The prices have gone way up, some $20 plus dollars depending on where since last July when I was here. Shop wisely whether it be airbnb or hotel. And there are tons and tons of hotels and lodges about town and hostels as well.
  11. There is a water crisis. My airbnb host failed to tell me about the water issue here until I arrived. So from about 9p-6a on a daily there is zero to limited option to use water. But doesn’t seem to be the entire Durban just in more suburban areas. It is not happening near the beach or hotels.

See heaux do more than suck dick and talk about sex. Whatdayanno!


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