On the missing girls in DC: there has not been an uptick in human trafficking

I hate to get myself involved in a media induced panic. While I know that Black lives really don’t matter and how we treat Black feminine bodies greatly differs than how we treat White feminine bodies, I couldn’t help but wonder; ‘WTF’ when seeing the stories flood my newsfeed on the missing girls in DC and how no one is saying anything about it.

So I read up on it a bit. And I wondered; are they missing or leaving home? This comes from me being an avid runaway teen myself. And then I read the Sex Trafficking Fear headline and my eyes rolled a bit too much. I can’t with this shit. One gem of a line in mixing of the missing girls and sex trafficking: “As The Free Thought Project pointed out on several occasions, some of these traffickers have been caught in DC–and some of them have been cops.” Seems like we need to be looking in our own backyard. But we won’t. Cause cops get to do what the fuck they want.

One of my favorite colleagues and whore mothers then posted another link to clarify the fear induced, sexual hatred of the media which makes some incredible points:

  1. Missing person cases have been declining
  2. A large percentage of missing teens are leaving home voluntarily
  3. They aren’t minimizing when saying there isn’t an uptick. They just want to be transparent and input it out so everyone can see.
  4. 95% of cases in 2017 have been solved.

Moral of the story: Cut the bullshit. Be mindful of what you read and post. The media is as ill-informed as most of the jackasses out there spreading propaganda and fear. The media loves to stir up shit for clicks and giggles.

As stated in the piece written here: http://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/dc-police-no-uptick-in-human-trafficking-missing-person-cases-declining “One person missing in DC is one person too many.”


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