Rachel Dolezal is trolling me!

Nah. Matter of fact she is trolling all of us. This counterfeit bitch done went ahead in October and changed her name to the Blackest shit ever. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you Nkechi Amare Diallo, better known as Rachel Dolezal. As one Facebook user put it in a comment: “If you can’t get a job with Rachel on your resume, you damn sure ain’t getting one with a name like Diallo. Sike bitch joke is on you!

You know what is more irritating than Rachel though? It’s her supporters. And it’s these supporters, as I put it in my last piece about this non-apologetic WHITE BITCH*, who insist on conflating her self-hate with that of the rights of Trans people to identify as whatever the fuck they want. In much of the Black community, and rampant in my hometown of Jamaica and a lot of countries where dark skin is a sin (parts of Africa and India to name a few) skin bleaching is a thing. And it’s a thing because of the deep rooted hatred that takes over our psyche. It’s the anti-Blackness rhetoric. Ubiquitous in much of our culture and existence that spans over 400 years of conditioning which causes this. When I see comments accompanying stories on how these people attempt to alter their appearance to fit into the White ideal of beauty, they are excoriated, disgraced and remain poster children of self-hatred.

But, in steps a bitch like Rachel Dolezal.( And this again goes right back to White privilege and racism.) It is a fine example of how pervasive as fuck racism is. So much so that I am starting to wonder if Whiteness really is central to power and the ideal identity to aspire to.) *This blond hair blue-eyed Queen, can try to nap up her hair, brown her looks with bronzer, fuck a Black man, have some half-Black babies, go to an all-Black institution of higher education; sink her teeth in Black art, take positions as a lead in Black organizations, create a Black father in her mind, become the legal guardian of a Black child; lie about being Black, and when she gets caught NEVER apologizes* or thinks she needs to and can’t see the err of her ways. And now the imposter has gone and changed her name to something obviously Afrocentric and still there are people who can’t understand that SHE IS A SELF-HATING MENTAL CASE. Talk about adding salt to a wound!

If you think Rachel Dolezal should get a Black pass but Michael Jackson, Lil’ Kim, Azealia Banks and anyone like them are just damaged souls who couldn’t accept the beauty of their Blackness, well there you have it; the subtle acceptance of your own [internalized] racism and bias. I know, I know! I am now reading The History Of White People so I can better understand this race invention. But in far too many cases White people are allowed to do what Black people not only could NEVER do without consequence (sometimes leading to death) but afterward be welcomed to the barbecue. Oh no, hold up Rachel bitch. You are not invited to this cookout.

Instead of comparing or accepting this woman’s inner turmoil with her Whiteness, she is given a pass. Written about with more delicacy than contempt. As we always give White people and especially *White women a pass when they straight up violate, steal from, erase, refuse to acknowledge and take over everything that is #BlackMagic. We allow White people too much leeway into our personal history that has made us who we are. And while I have known one or two people to make excuses saying that White people are really Black because we all originate from Africa. And they are helping to preserve our culture *eye roll into the fuckin ether* they are just that, EXCUSES. Too many of us are okay with leasing ourselves out to people who do not respect us and who will lie to gain our acceptance. Meanwhile, we dismiss each other for the very same behavior.

I reiterate. Rachel Dolezal’s condition is mental and a sign of someone who needs to find herself and get in touch with and accept her history. Unless she does a Past Life Regression therapy session and finds out that she died 5 years prior to her official birth in this existence, and it said that she was Black, I am gonna need that bitch to go sit at the bottom of the ocean wearing a vest made of bricks. For me, her being involved with and loving Blackness is not the issue. Humans of earth have a vast history filled with beauty and tradition that is astounding and inspiring. But when you lie and ignore the harm that you perpetuated which instills subtle violence within an entire race of people, even after you have engrained yourself in the culture of said people so deeply you HAVE to know their history and how your behavior is damaging to them, but still can’t acknowledge wrong-doing, that is a problem.

This bitch is the ultimate Blackface master. And what she is doing should not be accepted. I am disgusted that she was even allowed to legally change her name. She is not an ally to Black people, she is one of our great enemies. And we should not feel sorry for her because she looks like a lost and pathetic toddler. She is a grown woman with a mental disability rooted in her own hatred. She needs help before she can get our love. We don’t owe that bitch nathin’. And miss me with the racist ass garbage about she has done more for Black people than some Black people. Cause honey I will compile a fuckin list of all the Black people, especially women, that have done far too much only to be disregarded in the face of Rachels. There are far too many discussions on what it means to be Black in the face of women like Dolezal. A better question is, what does it mean to be White? And this woman is the epitome of that definition in modern day history where being Black is a thing.

Dolezal is the type of bitch that makes you think the only way you can hate a nigga is if you tried to kill one. Because her level of hatred is insidious as it appears innocent and harmless because she comes off as likable. Well, honey, I have seen my fair share of Slow Ioris’.

If Rachel wants to be forgiven and be traded in for Stacey Dash (I mean they damn near look the same) then first things first: she needs to understand where she is and was wrong. No change can come before that. Then she can apologize. After that, she can redeem herself by doing work as a White woman who empathizes with Black struggle and wants to be an ally that facilitates change. But as she continues to be a sanctimonious asshole, representing exactly what privilege and racism are about, I don’t need to hear any more defenses for her. No she cannot just be Black because Bruce Jenner is now Cait. But if she can be Black, then anyone who wants to bleach their skin should be accepted as whatever they want to be. I think that’s a fair comparison. The Trans comparison is far off and is telling of how you may truly feel about those rights.

Let’s call this shit what it is, self-hatred and kind racism.

*explains why I called her a White Bitch



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