Rachel Dolezal is not Black. End of story.

Both her parents are White. Done.

But let me go on to address some other things because I am literally sick and tired of hearing conversation defending her.

As I have stated in the piece on Dissecting Black Pussy; White people are literally the only people on earth that can steal Black people’s entire existence and never be held accountable. I am sorry to break all of your hearts, but spare me the laga laga bullshit on race being a social construct and a state of mind.

FOH with that lazy trite ass defense.

The damage is done. It is what it is. And that’s how it is. Now that we have agreed we are no longer living in ancient times where race didn’t exist, can we get on with this shit already?

What Rachel Dolezal did was commit a crime against Black people that not only am I sick and tired of seeing, I am also sick and tired of there constantly being empathy towards her kind. White people across the board use their privilege and their Whiteness to get away with and capitalize on things that no other race of people can do, and this is why someone should put her ass out of her misery. Rachel Dolezal inserted her Whiteness in a way that is so obtuse and completely personifies White privilege and racism. And then she has the nerve to bring trans people in this ridiculous argument of hers. Meanwhile, she doesn’t want to apologize for her actions either.

If any Black person dared to try and pull what Rachel did, they would suffer the consequences. A mere 60 years ago it would mean death. Today the community would shame this person into hiding. In either instance, the Black person’s life would be over. Black people who assimilate into Whiteness do so as a survival mechanism because of how the world at large has criminalized Blackness. White people who take on Black culture has an entirely different purpose. Usually when they do this they take away opportunities from us (think Rachel’s positions of power where she got paid pretending to be Black). White people have benefited from stealing the very thing that make up Black existence and who we are as people. They have profited off our backs and our history while denying us rights and the opportunities. White people continuously erase Black people from our and even their history, forcing down our throats ideas that go against our ancestry. Then when they realize that who we are is rich in culture and vibrant ideas, they feed it back to us in a White washed version many times charging us for it. Or make a profit off of it selling it back to each other in the forms of something new and trendy. Think how they perverted twerking. They took the entire history of twerking out of it. Reduced it to merely sex and have made so much profit off it, it made even our heads spin and we grew up thinking this was a social dance with spiritual origins. But White(s) [women] have made enormous profits from it while deleting us. There was a story floating about a White twerk teacher, who denied another Black woman twerk teacher the right to teach because she thought her moves were too basic.

I have seen this same White-washing in burlesque. I made a video a few years back about going to the New Orleans Burlesque Festival Bad Girls Of Burlesque showcase. I went there expecting to see avant-garde, risque pieces of burlesque art. Instead what I saw was a stage full of White women twerking their little hearts out, with maybe 3 other Black performers who were allowed on that stage for the entire 2-hour long showcase. The festival which is notoriously mayonnaise flavored, allowed White women to step on their stage and do Black culture, while actively deleting the presence of Black entertainers. I should add that the 3 Black performers seemed to be the only ones admitted to perform in the festival over the course of the entire weekend.

White people and their spicy water, flavored ice culture, are known to laugh at even the food we eat. I grew up thinking curry was some sort of sin. Only to find it now to be the chef’s delight at high-end establishments owned by, you guessed it, White people. And Black people aren’t the only victims of being eliminated from their culture due to White privilege. More than half of the top 10 chefs in Asia are White men! And get this, they don’t even make Asian food. Talk about discrediting and humiliation to an entire race and culture.

So when people want to defend Rachel and compare it to trans rights, I say nice try. But you are also contributing to the erasure of Blackness and the struggle to maintain our rights as a people. Far too often we are too quick to silence the voice of Black people by shrugging off conversations because we are exhausted with the discussion. It is tiring I know. And I am also tired of talking about it. I wish the dialogue would be different already. But the dialogue is never going to change by us trying to shove it under the rug. Or conflating it to a completely different battle. We can’t just put a band-aid over a gash wound and think, this is going to go away. It needs to be addressed. And the first part in addressing any issue is to take it head on. It is to be intolerable of the cruelty. It is to hold accountable the people that continue to violate Black history by using us as a stepping stone to their success while pushing us out of opportunities where we could better ourselves and our communities.

While serving as a Black civil rights activist, Rachel Dolezal made unsubstantiated claims about race related hate crimes committed against her. She rose to positions of power which should have been reserved for someone Black. Or for someone who was willing to fight for the rights of people of color without appropriating our entire existence for their benefit. Rachel is a modern day Thomas Daddy Rice, and anyone that supports her nonsense has to admit they think Black people and our culture are a laughing matter. Admit it to yourselves that Black people can be robbed and our entire history beaten out of us, so as long as a White person comes along and rewrites it to make themselves more comfortable with the conversation of our elimination.

We are so quick to try and compare the Black struggle to many other fights no matter how irrelevant. Here we stand where Black people are still fighting to even call out White fragility and properly define racism in the face of Whiteness, but we should consider her to be trans-racial? Nuh uh. Not gonna happen. She is White. Maybe we should start having more dialogue around what Whiteness is or was before supremacy took over and eliminated that entire history. Maybe if White people started to go back and analyze where they came from and who they are, they can finally leave Black people and other people of color alone?  There has to be something incredibly wrong with you when you do away with who you are and adopt another culture so much, that you create lies around that existence so you feel validated in your fraud.

I have been sick of Rachel since this story first broke. And I am sick of her now as the discussion on her continues. I am happy to see that much of the community at large took a stand and she is now in her rightful place struggling to survive. What she did was the highest form of dysfunction and fraud. I hate White people like her. They think because they adopt Black culture, fuck Black men, have their babies and even marry someone Black that it changes hundreds of years of their history. You can love Blackness and still be who you are. You can understand Black struggle and still understand where you came from. Being Black is not akin to struggling or being poor. But being Black is often times attributed to thievery and erasure of our diverse experiences and lives.

Rachel, you don’t get to be an honorary Black, Snow White. You received a scholarship to a Black university because you lied. And the conversation around race being an invention, while maybe true, is just the scapegoat frauds like you need. This language which seems to be created by Whites looking to overshadow the conversation around race by completely ignoring its existence, has been coopted by Black people who have issues with their Blackness and use this as an excuse to not address issues around race relations. This is also used to make excuses as to why Whites are allowed to take over Black spaces without accountability. So to Rachel and the like, I say blow me. Rachel having the nerve to label herself as pan-African, and “giving people the opportunity to relate to her as an individual” is exactly what White privilege is. Black people don’t have that luxury. We are defined by who we are on sight. We don’t get to have people try and relate to us. Public perception on who we are have been set by many years of racism and oppression.

And to those that insist on making the comparison with Trans people rights one and the same with this act of colonialism: IT IS NOT THE SAME. I cannot imagine or would believe that any Trans person takes on another identity in order to profit from that identity. I cannot equate a person identifying as a different gender the same as colonizing another culture, making a profit off it, or receiving opportunities in the name of that culture, the same as wanting to be respected for who you identify as. The argument around Caitlyn Jenner being accepted as a woman, so Rachel Dolezal should be accepted as Black is as transphobic as it is racist. It is a lazy way of you to excuse yourself from the discourse. If you don’t want to be a part of the argument, then sit your ass down. When we bring trans rights into this argument of who is allowed to be Black (only Black people), what you are doing is attempting to erase the struggle of one issue, in order to satisfy your biased idea on another. It’s a weak argument that has me wondering if you feel Trans people have a right to identify as who they are. And if you feel Black people have a right to own their culture and not have anyone infiltrate it on false premises that continue to harm us every day.

Rachel Dolezal should not be offered any amount of sympathy. What she did should not be swept under the rug or conflated with arguments about gender identity. When it comes to the conversation around the Black race I often hear excuses made to undermine the entire fight and struggle for Blacks to not only exist, but to respect and embrace our culture and heritage. There is too much conversation on our erasure, ignoring our reasoning on why violence committed against us like the actions of Rachel Dolezal should not be tolerated.

We are always put in a position where we should understand why everyone wants to be like us and accept them with open arms. While I do NOT believe that every White person who embraces Blackness is harmful to us, I do believe that ANY White person who profits from our culture, whether it be getting ahead by using our dances (twerking), our clothing influence (Pucci), adopting our religion (she who shall remain nameless) is a glaring representation on why Blacks need to protect our identity. We cannot have a conversation about cultural acceptance when we can’t even acknowledge that so much has been stolen from us and even beaten out of us so that other cultures can benefit from the rape of our minds and individuality.

If we want Black people to accept assholes like Rachel Dolezal, then we first have to accept Black people for who they are and our diversity. I am tired of seeing everyone other than Black people making a decision on who should be allowed to be us, when we aren’t even allowed to be us. Til this day Black girls and boys are getting kicked out of school for wearing their natural hair or being denied work. Meanwhile the Kardashians have made billions of dollars being caricatures of us. Serena fuckin Williams is not even allowed to be the biggest baddest Blackest tennis playing bawse she is without coming under fire and being insulted and compared to an animal. We weren’t even allowed a Black first family to exist without being bullied for their skin color, but we should just allow Rachel to be Black already?

Nope. If that bitch wants to be Black she should perform a ritual asking the Gods to eliminate her from the planet and return back into another life as a Black person. It’s just not possible in this day and age where race as a social construct actually exists. Sorry YT, you don’t get to be Black just because you want to. And as I have stated to another wannabe Black/White woman this time last year; no matter how much Black dick you suck, you still are not going to be Black.

Now go sit yo ass down somewhere.


Edit: As it turns out Dolezal did not receive her scholarship to Howard on a lie. She received it as she presented herself as a niggerologist.

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