virtual abuse and facebook

it happened again. facebook locked me out of yet another one of my accounst. the message said that someone not only reported something i posted that was a violation of community standard, but they [FB] also wanted my identification to prove that my name was my name.

so first things first, akynos shekera is my fuckin name. akynos is an anagram. shekera is my middle name. also the name of my second page which they locked me out of yesterday, is the legal name on my fuckin birth certificate. so this is bullshit number one.

akynos is the name i have been known as for about 20 years. so bullshit number 2.

getting into the nitty gritty of this, let’s talk about how abusive it is for social media giants like facebook to intrude on our virtual existences and lock us out of the way that we connect with people. this shit reminds me of my abusive baby daddy who tried to cut ties with everyone in my life as a means of control. this is no different. this is hurtful and angering at the very least. as i told someone this morning, am i to change my fuckin name to susan smith to please the racist, censoring, power hungry social media giant? my name cannot get anymore real than my name!

this reminds me of the myspace days. when after building up 10,000 followers/friends, my page got hacked and all my photos and life just disappeared. i was so hurt. but then facebook was coming along and i soon got over it. as it seems there is no replacement for this way in which we connect with millions of people. and instagram and twitter are not quite the same kind of connection in my opinion. i can’t have the same conversations and debates in facebook style on those other pages. one can only be done in 140 characters. the other can only be done after making a post that resembles a photo. all that work.

what facebook is doing, in conjunction with the snitch bitches that are reporting posts and photos that disrupt their dry ass existences, is nothing short of virtual abuse. a silencing if you will, of our right to free-speech and connecting with other human beings. it’s a disruption in how i function. as a social media/facebook junky this really hurts me. so many things which were saved in the name of education and research i can’t access. photos of my moments, videos of my outbursts; conversations there can never be recreated. why would they be doing this other than the need to be in more control of our lives than they already are? and we allow it. each time we fork over our IDs we allow them to have more control over our existence. i remember someone sending me a video where a woman was crying because after she abided by facebook’s ID policy, her life was ruined. money lost that she cannot retrieve. and since in theory facebook is not a person, no one is doing anything to help her put her life back together.

after the insult of being locked out of our accounts we then have to go through the daunting task of re-adding people. and in that the fear of the unknowing of who we are adding. are any one of these people the cause of my lockout? the secret hater that wants to see me flustered and upset about losing my online presence that i worked so hard for; and committed countless hours over many years to build? it’s like they know you’ve been abused my someone and then leave you in the room with the abuser.

it took one hour for them to tell me that the ID i sent to them was not good enough. one was of me holding up a note telling them these are my legal names and giving them the finger. the other was of my city ID where i blocked out the ID number and my address just having my name visible. the third was a piece of mail (per their request) that visibly showed my first, last name and address. still. nothing.

i imagine this is how they play the game. they will take their time to think about whether or not they want to allow you back into the circle. i feel like a fuckin outcast. thrown away from my source of information and connection to people who i cannot see daily for various reasons. they have thrown out information on who i should contact when i hit the road next month. and a conversation around how a friend could send me money to go towards a tshirt that funds my grassroots organization. it tossed out the event pages for my birthday trip to cuba with school and work friends from decades ago. and for my talk that is happening tomorrow and next month which really needs to be promoted.

i am locked out of groups, which yes, i can just send a new request to through a new page, but that isn’t the point. the point is there is work there. there is time there. there are memories. there is a power trip from this social media giant that aims to control us by isolating us. and isolation is never fun. it’s like being in the hole in jail. it’s inhumane. especially when the reason for your lockout is usually a nipple or butt cheek peek. sometimes, it’s none of that. it’s that someone doesn’t like how you look in a dress. and to think on this media platform is where we see women murdered and dismembered in video. hate speech is completely tolerable against black people and people of color. and there are groups dedicated to having sex with children and expressing the hatred of women vehemently.

but again all of that is irrelevant to me. social media is a part of my existence as an artist. to have my right to exist there is some sort of new world order slowly coming to fruition. but we laugh it off like it isn’t real cause we are not seeing the bigger implications of allowing this much power being given to a “machine”. it’s the new mechanism of control. i guess it’s time to get super creative in how i interact online. time to build up mailing lists again, and have subscribers to my website. i was just about to do my patreon but now most of my list is once again gone, who the fuck is going to sign up for my shit as i take flight overseas?

what facebook is doing is intrusive and violent.

i will fight to get my pages back, but i suspect it will take time. in the meantime just follow all my pages. i am akynos everywhere online.



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