WAR! #heauxonpolitics

Stock up on the emergency food supply, your hazmat suits, seeds and find the nearest basement that can withstand a nuclear war. Our asshat of a POTUS is bout to have us in deep shit with the Chinese.

The skinny: China is about sick and tired of Trump’s mindless antics as we are. And they are ready to pop off on them missiles if this mfka don’t start drinking some act right.

Man this is so bitter sweet. So many of us from all races and backgrounds talked shit about Obama. And here it is. Our worst nightmare. Living proof that being White and rich doesn’t mean you are smart.

I can’t with this one. http://www.businessinsider.com/chinese-military-official-war-2017-1

So are we gonna start immigrating now or later? Cause I am ready to get the hell outta dodge like, right now!


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