President Drumpf

Donald Trump is an idiot.

And I have never had an interest in politics in my life until him.

Not even a short stint in journalism school made me so eager yet fearful of watching the news. I usually don’t pay attention to any “news”, but this…thing, is by far the most fascinating piece of shit I have ever seen grace American TV and politics.

This episode of Black Mirror sucks as it is compelling.

OMFG we are in so much trouble.

As I grab my literal bag of popcorn, each day I will post the absurd shit that Drumpf has done. I know I am late to the party. But until this fucker chokes on his food or is poisoned as he sleep (hints to Melania), there will be exciting news updates as much as my schedule can have me fit in.

So what FUCKREE has this orange sack of skin done today? well guess what? Stonewall looks like it needs to make a comeback, 2017 style! If you cannot pray the gay away, Drumpf’s top new supreme court pick will just jail your ass for it.

Oh shit. Time for me to take my place of privilege in the straight cis-woman category. Top of this year I was claiming that I was gayer than the costumes at the Miss Universe pageant. Well I don’t want to be jailed so I am going back to being straight. I cannot fight every damn battle.

The skinny: Undercover homos Mike Pence and Donald Trump insert another undercover into our collective asses. They are trying to appoint this mothafucka, who isn’t living his truth, William H Pryor Jr as the top supreme court pick. He is interested in jailing your ass for enjoying sex and intimacy with whomever the fuck you choose. It is time to burn shit down.I have got a dildo big enough to fuck all three of these boys in the ass at the same damn time. And I will charge good money for it. I may come out of semi- retirement for that one. Maybe that’s what they need? Cause I cannot understand why you would want to jail someone for their sexual preference.

There is one or two things that’s up in the bedrooms of these anti-gay cum guzzlers. 1. Their sex lives are booooring! All they do is missionary sex on the bed. And the most excitement they get outside of that is a little dick jerking in the shower if they can keep an erection. 2. They are not having sex and miserable as fuck that they can no longer engage in gay sex like they used to in college and now we have to pay for it.

In retaliation to this bullshit, I am going to eat some woman’s pussy everyday this week. And if the fucker gets appointed, I am going to eat her pussy on video and have it reflected on the side of their homes for the entire community to see.

All empty threats there Trumpy Dumpfy. I don’t mean none of this shit. Don’t send your pack of hounds to me. I am scared shitless of your ass. But seriously I do have a 12″ inch long 3″ thick dick if you want to try it. It’s black. And once you go black…well…nevermind.



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