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So the Women’s march is upon us. I will be attending the one in NYC. Here is a link —>

For the past few years I have sat on my brain child of an organization that is aimed to help under-served women in and out of the sex industry. I came to the conclusion that there was a need to have funds available to help women who were in need of assistance for things such as court costs (representation & transportation). Missing wages due to said court time, child care assistance, moving expenses; and funds to assist with small bills and other emergencies, like dental and health that come with the fun of being alive in a time where making ends meet seem impossible.

I was and sometimes still am this woman. While my days of having family court used as a tactic to destroy me are over, moving is still expensive. Losing your apartment due to gentrification is real. And not having a space to work out of is a breeding ground economical stress and a psychological breakdown. I knew it couldn’t be just me that experiences these kinds of hardships. Then seeing how the trans community gets treated when they become ill or arrested for defending their own life hurt me. I rendered myself helpless as I witnessed these painful travesties and wondered what I could do about it.

So I am slowly forming The Black Sex Worker Collective. And in order to grow this operation and provide [even] small support to the Black sex worker and LGBTQI community, especially during this entire backpage crisis, there are shirts. And if you’d like a shirt, they are $30 plus shipping.

If you would like to buy a shirt and donate a little more, please seek out our GoFundMe page. There will be one more shirt,( more fitting to express our disdain for the upcoming presidency), added. As well as other merchandise that you can purchase to go to the cause. (LINK AVAILABLE SOON)

I can invoice you for your CC payment. Or you can google wallet me. Or send money directly using Facebook messenger. I do not use PayPal. And sorry no other payment options as of now. Google wallet is very easy to set up. Let me know your size request and quantity you desire. 

The shirts display the ages and names of some of the Black women that died in police custody. And some of the ages and names from the Dec 17 list of Black and trans women who were killed in 2016.

Special thanks to the wonderful Fred Harper for creating this image for the cause!



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