About that BackPage closure

So the puritanical anti-trafficking, let me manipulate the public’s ignorance; low-key but not so low-key, I hate women and never want them to make their own decisions about their own bodies, sex work is not work hypocrites won the battle earlier this week.

BackPage conceded to political pressure and followed in line with Craigslist and closed it’s adult section in the U.S. earlier this week.


I know a lot of you hypocrites are smiling. And now you and the rest of the sheeple think the world is safer!


Now you can let your young girls run loose in the street again and they will be safe, cause BackPage is gone! And please continue to learn all your sex from porn, because actually touching another human for intercourse is dirty anyway. And you better clean off your computer from all the sleazy images too.

But truth of the matter is is that this is a bullshit victory which infringes upon the first amendment rights of everyone. And puts living breathing human lives at risk of economical stress among a slew of other shit that come with losing your main source of income or having it greatly decrease. This also asserts that America is an ass backwards religious country which needs to take it’s religious ideologies and shove it up it’s fuckin ass. This thought process ain’t never done shit but make the country continue to decline in a heep of hot pile Jesus shit. COME ON NOW!

Leave women and their pussies alone!

I know what some of you are thinking.

  • Sex work is NOT work
  • Put the PIMPS!!!
  • They can find something else to do
  • Now my husband will come home to me at night
  • Those poor underage girls
  • Them dirty bitches needed to stop this shit anyway. Diseased asses!
  • Hundreds of thousands of millions of sex slaves!
  • The work is dangerous

Eye roll into the ether.

I am continuously bombarded by the ignorance of civilians everyday with this sex work, trafficking jargon. And quite frankly it is old. Old bitch. Like so fuckin old that shit needs Botox, a face lift. Old like limp dick on a 90 year old. Stop this shit already.

First of all let me be clear. Pimps, murderers, under-aged girls getting violated, diseases, corruption and trafficking is NOT a result of sex work. It is a result of God’s plan for creating shit human beings who continuously violate innocence and naivety. It’s the desire to capitalize on the ignorance, fear or trust of others.

Let me go down my bulleted list one by one. I will try to briefly explain each item. And I will back it up with some brilliant analogies I found online of a person who can critically think. And I will continue to post alarming and true information from my peers on how preposterous and evil it is for ashy bitches like Kamala Harris to lead this war and waste tax payers money on this bullSHIT.

  1. So you say sex work is not work? How? Please define for me what work is. Because if you think sex work is not work, then surely there must be a myriad of other professions that you do not define as work, because A. It’s not what you do. Proving you are so egotistical the only thing you find important or relevant is something that satisfies your narrow scope. B. you fucked up on making this sex thing a viable option for making money. You have fucked so much for free that you now think that anyone who is smart enough to get paid for this is somehow immoral? Nah bitch. You just stoopid. Exhibit A on why you need to stfu and stop talking about sex work is not work is below. barista
  2. Pimps? Like what your boss isn’t a pimp? Or the trife ass bitch you with that makes you run your pockets in order to keep the relationship? I mean look pimps as it pertains to sex work has never been my thing. Anyone that violates or takes advantage of anyone because they can, or because they are on a power trip, especially when it’s towards women is not someone that I take kindly to. But maybe we could eliminate pimps by legitimizing sex work through education and decriminalization. And maybe, then maybe these leeches could figure out a better way to make their money that doesn’t involve preying on innocent people. But you brown nose around the office where your boss makes 500 times more than you, so I digress. And P.S. he still gonna fire your ass via email and have your shit waiting down in the lobby with security. And no-one from the office will call to see how you are doing.
  3. pimps
  4. We can find something else to do? Bitch so can you! But you have been in a miserable state of life for the past 30 years. You gave up on your dreams, and now you sit there at your desk praying for a date or to get out of that tired ass lie of a marriage. Fiending to travel, praying for a savings account, and resenting your entire existence. You have a choice too. Do something other than what YOU are doing. But basically what I am trying to say is that you can totally focus on your own fuckin life and let others live their own. You don’t have to agree with what someone else is doing with their existence, particularly in the case of such a victim-less crime as sex work. But you can respect that we all should have the right to do with our bodies as we please.
  5. What are you laughing at exactly? You think the fight for sex worker rights isn’t the fight for basic human rights? You think that when the government is nose deep in one person’s bedroom that they won’t come into yours as well? This is the same country that has on record some of the stupidest laws that aim to uphold modesty. (Interesting being our president elect likes to get pissed on by prostitutes). But times have changed and they are no longer enforcing these laws. Otherwise each time you get duked in the butt you could be facing some jail time.
  6. Oh honey, your husband was always cheating. If he decided to go to a heaux to get serviced he is just trying to save you both the embarrassment of neighbors showing up at your door asking, “what the fuck is going on Jill?” But please keep in mind that sex workers are actual people. And men have been known to get attached. And in real life one of us can take your man if the money and emotional connection is right. So don’t sleep. But the bottomline is, he is going to figure out a way to get off with someone else. It matters not how good your casserole is. If you are with someone who cannot control their impulses then they will always find a way. Whether it be at the office with Peggy on lunch. Or with David at the hotel. Why don’t you try having a more open and honest relationship?
  7. I was an underage girl when I got into the adult industry. And I gotta tell you, it still irritates me now to think when I was 17 people couldn’t accept I could make conscious decisions on my own life. Now, it’s not to say all those decisions were good and were not influenced by economical frustrations. Or influenced by someone who should have known better, but one has to learn the hard way. We all do! But maybe, just maybe, like me being underage and working the strip clubs I wanted to feed myself and my young baby. I wanted to make money to find a place to live and not be a part of the system or put burden on my parents. Maybe I recognized the bullshit of capitalistic America long ago and knew I had a plan and wanted to make money fast and not feel humiliated by long hours and short pay. Maybe I think women who street walk or strip or suck dick for your porn habits, are strong women who portray a rebellious side of puritanical feminism that needs to be respected. Cause there is not only one way to be a woman. And if your woman isn’t DTF ALL-THE-TIME. And she isn’t about some of the nasty things you fantasize about in porn, it don’t mean she is a good woman either.
  8. Really? We’re still blaming sex workers for diseases? Chile please. How many times have you gotten burnt and it wasn’t from someone who was in the industry? It was Chuck from accounting! And that mofo so sexy, he never pays for pussy. Everyone just gives it to him. And have you asked yourself, of all those people who contract diseases every day, you really think that it started from one source? A sex worker? I mean which one? Cause let me tell you, the amount of times I have had to tell a man, (client or not) that no he cannot have sex with me without a condom. Or I don’t want you to eat my vagina cause I don’t know you is more than I can count. I am gonna bet that this “sex workers are vectors of disease” nonsense started with some misogynist men who refused to take responsibility for how careless they were. And in case no one has given you the memo, men have a strong influence on how sex is going to go. Take a look into your own sex life. Power is what they hold and they hold this because of patriarchy. So without a word, just their energy they can dictate how sex is going to happen, just as they dictate the life of a relationship. Think about all those guys that have ghosted on you when you thought things were going soo well. And if they find you to be vulnerable, they feed off that energy and do as they please. But it takes a sex worker who understands their power to lay down laws and say nope, we are not having sex like that, I make the rules. And that’s one thing you need to know about this work. Is that we are in charge, not the client. But there are always exceptions. Just like you made several exceptions and had to run to the health and abortion clinic. #YouTriedIt
  9. I can’t with this one. I am going to post a piece from one of my colleagues and friends later. But listen, I am not saying sex slavery isn’t real and valid. I am saying that the numbers are greatly inflated. I am saying that the rescue organizations ruin the lives of too many people who are victims of this level of abuse. I am saying that the savior industry has a lot of money invested to keep these inflated numbers going. I am saying that there are victims who are trafficked in other labor markets and the rescue industry is doing nothing about those people . The issue here for them it seems is less about ending trafficking and more about ending the right to have sex how we want. Ending the right to use our bodies how we want. Ending the right to make money how we choose. I am not saying people aren’t shit and they don’t force other people into sexual exploitation. But there is only focus to close down one industry and that’s the sex industry. And the laws on trafficking are so fuckin broad, anyone can be accused of being a pimp. And you think we’ve won when you eat your slavery chocolate?  Wear your slavery designer shirt? or sport your slavery designer bag? Fuck you. And by the way if you think the fast food industry and other large corporations paying their workers peanuts when the company earns billions, you have a skewed view on slavery, exploitation and how people use their bodies and energy to earn a living. Fuck you again.
  10. The job is dangerous? So is your man who punched you in the face cause you burnt the rice. Bitch stop. Here is an extremely short list of other jobs that are dangerous that you should be considerate of when you aim to rid the world of danger. And if you aren’t trying to shut down their industry, please keep your hands off ours:
    1. Firefighter
    2. Surgeon
    3. Fisherman “Commercial fishing is one of the most hazardous occupations in the United States with a fatality rate 39 times higher than the national average.” END FISHING NOW!!
    4. Housekeeper
    5. Welder
    6. Construction worker
    7. Politician
    8. Nurse
    9. Business woman coming home from work minding her own business
    10. Cop
    11. 9/11 first responder
    12. Military persons
    13. Abused housewife/baby momma/side piece/girlfriend/boyfriend/partner

If your rejoiced when Larry Flynt fought for your right to freely consume sleaze then this decision should  not make you happy. And if you turned a blind eye with the dating app murders, you are what’s wrong with this world.

In closing, let me give an honorable mention to the priests sucking babies dicks after circumcision and giving the poor kids herpes, but sex workers spread diseases. And to the police officers who can legally have sex with prostitutes on your dime but you think they are protecting you.

Go kick rocks.


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