Edit: Since posting this article a few minutes ago, I found out that the female bell pepper theory is hogwash. But my sentiments are still the same.

Enough already! to me this is worse than calling women bitches. well…you know what I mean. I am finding this trend to be somewhat disturbing. Because we don’t call men, males. We call men…men. but for some reason, a  lot of the world seems to think women, are somehow just females. or it’s what I am seeing on social media and hearing in casual conversations. Here is an image of something that breaks this down a lot better than I would. I surely hope you understand.


But it shouldn’t be hard to understand right? Male is a way to identify the sex of pretty much anything that has a male part. From an animal to a tool. and so is female. I reckon calling women females is the equivalent to some sexist, undermining, unconscious dismal of women as actual beings worthy of respect. There is actually no excuse for this, and I want it to stop!

Our disrespect of women reaches so far that it has remained an unconscious effort to reduce us to lower level existence. We aren’t even allowed the right to be addressed by our proper term. I know that some of you may read this and think that this is far fetched. But I implore you to think about this outside of your normal simplistic approach. There are female cockroaches, female rats, female cats, and even female pigs (sow). So why not stop referring to the other existing human beings on this planet as a general term to describe their genitalia, that can birth offspring or has eggs that can be fertilized.

How about we change our narrow, dismissive view of what a woman is, and understand that the use of the word female is just a descriptor for any form of animal, or being that has eggs to fertilize. Quite frankly, no matter how deep a subject, or how interested I may be in it initially, the moment I hear the word “females” mentioned, I immediately tune out from disgust. A video comes on with something that you like. But then the author starts to mention something that really turns you off like…incest, rape, or fecal matter being spread all over the walls of your room. Would you continue to listen or would you walk away? Well I walk away. Because at the end of the day, if you aren’t going to respect me then there is no need to move forward.

Think how you want, but let’s put it in perspective.

For instance, here is photo of a female bell pepper. peppersex

Inside she will have seeds.

So is this what we are reducing women to? Fertile objects, that  do not require a broader definition. This lack of consideration and thought how we approach the idea of women, even in our most basic interaction, tells you how far women have gone in being respected in the general world. And I gotta tell you, it doesn’t seem far.


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