My time, is your time…NOT!

I don’t know if I wrote about this before, but fuck it. It came up tonight in a group conversation and sparked some memories of when I didn’t quite know my worth in this business. A time when I used to deal with obvious time wasters hoping I could close in on a deal. And forgiving those who clearly had no respect for me or my work.

Time. It’s an interesting thing that clients tend to think they have power over in the life of the people that do freelance work. They take it for granted. Often times abusing it assuming our time belongs to them. If they book, and they’re late, or want to go over, they believe, they should be granted that. Because wtf else have you got to do? You’re a whore. And whores are only whores. They literally don’t do shit else with their lives.

Those are practical words that have escaped the mouths of clients directly to me when discussing booking of their experiences booking time with the freelance sex workers, or even booking with me.

It’s interesting how the disrespect towards sex work runs so deep, in even what many deem to be subtle ways that can be easily dismissed. Society devalues the trade in so many ways because of the lack of commonsense or consideration to view the work critically; or value the person behind the label as someone who is needing of respect.

Dearest clients, potentials and those who are just fascinated with this world of working using sex: It’s not that hard: VALUE THE FUCKING TIME! If you book an appointment with someone keep the time you booked. If you can’t, don’t be a dry scrotum, call and cancel or reschedule. Or have the common courtesy to let them know you will be late. Even your doctor is sick of your shit and charges you a fee when you, WASTE THEIR FUCKIN’ TIME.

And in the event you are having so much fun that you want to stay over, know that you are not entitled to more time. You need to pay for more of it, or understand the session must end. Think your shrink. When time is up. TIME IS UP!

I had a male enthusiast friend say to me once, “what else would she be doing if she wasn’t with me!” Well here’s a [short] list of things for you and the low-lives like you who only value people based on their job labels should consider that we could be doing, when you’re thinking our time belongs to you:

  • grocery shopping
  • sleeping
  • a massage
  • my hair/nails
  • taking a shit
  • reading
  • sleeping (because beauty needs rest. and sometimes i rest twice in the same day)
  • staring into space
  • go to the gym
  • sucking someone else’s dick
  • updating my website
  • contemplating the fuckin whore revolution: attempting to remove stigma and shame from this honest business!
  • study for school or some other exam kind of thing
  • sipping mojitos with friends
  • cleaning my apt
  • taking calls for the potential next client
  • taking another enormous shit, so i can keep my colon clean and not hold my farts in
  • inserting an enema in my ass
  • fucking someone for free
  • sipping wine as i browse facebook
  • contemplating life
  • looking for new way to shit all over the patriarchy
  • practicing my blow jobs
  • updating my ads ( I have tons of ads!!)
  • scheduling doctor’s appointments
  • cooking dinner
  • trying to reschedule my canceled appointments that I cancelled cause you said you were going to be coming over at a certain time.

See I can go on and on. The point is, what a sex worker could be doing with their time is, NONE OF YOUR FUCKIN’ BUSINESS. How about you show a little respect to not just the trade but the person working it. How about you not think our world revolves around you and your morbid antiquated view on what our work entails. Many of us are not just sitting around looking pretty waiting to rub your dicks. From the list above we lead full lives outside of this work. But projection is a bitch. Most of the people who think our times are to be devalued are likely those who live their robotic lives like this: Go to their 9-5s. Never take a fucking day off. Refuse to take vacation days cause they think it makes them bad ass. Go home to their lonely stale existence.And lack any amount of passion for anything else in this world other than working for the man.

I know. it’s a hard pill to swallow. But I guarantee you, even if all we did was sit around waiting for the phone to ring. That’s one more thing we could be doing instead of sitting around waiting on you.

Respect your sex worker. And tip them well.


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