stamina daddy

there’s this thing about the work that i find to be both interesting and gratifying. the part where i realize that if it wasn’t for this work, i would not have the opportunity to experience so many different kinds of men. realizing that a connection and attraction can be found in so many different kinds of people if we’d just give it a chance and let go of ridiculous ideals.

and every now and then i get a client that makes me question myself. all the good sex i missed out on when i was not in this business because he was too skinny, too fat or too old.

anyhow, this week i broke up with my uh….boyfriend. he lives in another country. i had to break it off with him because he slept with someone else. and although i understand, i wanted to be fair to him and let him live his life without feeling guilty about me (if he did). and besides i can’t help but think he could possibly not be telling me everything and i am seriously not trying to be played. not after that bullshit i went through earlier in the year. so i cut him loose. if he’s bothered i can’t really tell. he’s been a little mute since our “parting.”

i have been desperately wanting to revenge fuck for the past couple days. but since my “fuck-for-fun” passes have ran out in 2016, i wished for copious amounts of clients so i could fuck them in the name of rent while getting at least part of my rocks off. no go. client one today was great, but i kinda miss my so-called boyfriend and our little loving connection, though 4,000 miles away. his fake ass loving energy would plague me. and as i received my bout of cunnilingus (i’ve been seeing this client for years), i wondered if that little black bitch boy of mine was really living with the girl he was just with. so the sex was fun, but no cigar.

around midnight, i get awakened with a call from a guy i just met the other night, at a party, where he fought for my right to be paid and vowed to call me cause he knew some others that might want to help me pay this month’s storage bills. cause lord knows i need an SD just for the storage bills alone! (SD=sugar daddy).

at first i didn’t know who it was. the call came in while i was sleeping and i could barely hear wtf he was saying. he mumbled his code name, but i was sure it was one of the three guys i gave my number to at the party the night before so it was all good. when i finally arrive to his place it’s none other than the guy who was fighting for me to get paid. skinny AF, so not my type. and young. looking like 21 young. but he was paying like he’s weighing so it’s all good. i had to keep my eye on the prize because a little guilt came over me. his girlfriend was really nice at the party. and i felt a little shitty when i realized HE had called me. but i just took a taxi there, after about an hour of prep, and i got debt up the wazoo. i was gonna have to put those good whore morals behind me and get this money.

he said it was his first time hiring a girl. most clients are usually lying about this. it took about 15 min or so for me to realize it was his first time. the conversation was a little awkward. the energy a little rough. then i had to break the rules down to him. pay first. we do our business. then i leave. easy enough.

so no haggling on the payment. i love him already.

he gets undressed. his frame is about as big as a toothpick. his dick is hangin! and he says to me, don’t go getting tired on me and i laughed because, he has got to be kidding. Prince wrote “insatiable” for me! i’m grown and experienced. you are no match for me charlie brown!

30 min later and i’m wondering if he’s a machine. my walls felt like they would explode. the urge to pee was prominent. and my poor thighs were begging for mercy.

wow he really is the 26 years he told me he was. #winning

it would take an hour before he finally reached climax and that was very important to me as a pro-fessional.

what is the point of this story? i sorta got my revenge fuck. but it’s not the same when i’m really not trying to connect emotionally to a person. i wasn’t trying to connect to him. though he was sweet and gentle in spirit. but the sex reminded me of my now out of town ex man. it was like machine sex, never ending. both too slim, usually off my radar. and i was left with the memory of “damn” on my lips.

this work is 2for. good for the bills and good for the much needed pleasure principle.

i anticipate his future calls. until then i do squats in preparation.


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