It’s 2016

I’ve not been inclined to write since the death of a friend. And last year had so many things happen that I am so sad that I didn’t hash out some drama for your eyes to feast on. Some things I can’t talk about. Others, I will.

2016 opens up a year of pain, as I lost someone I loved deeply on an emotional level because of some jealousy by a third party. That story however may have to wait for the book or the web series.

It’s been, since February of last year, me going through some transitions. Hating the work. Loving it again. Slow months upon months. Finding other work, then ready to leave it unless it worked on my terms fully. And wham! I get what I want only for it to be ripped from me in the blink of an eye.

I am officially no longer a Black Ho. But I’ve still got stories to tell from my ho standpoint. The woman that is so independent that you can’t tell her shit. And although I am no longer fucking, not even for work. I have a lot of fucking catching up to do. I hope I can remember all these stories. And I hope you will sit by and read them, though they may be brief, jJust know, the best is yet to come.


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