Not with those teeth

Oh men. Always thinking that they can do what they want because they are paying for things.

I’m late on this, but I didn’t forget that I wanted to express this.

First, one of my newer regulars cut me off because he wanted to kiss me and go down on me but I wouldn’t allow it. For one, I hate when strange people think that pussy eating should be afforded to them because they are either paying or believe it’s an offer no woman would refuse. 2. When your breath smells like yesterday’s lunch it’s a no go. I have mouthwash in the bathroom why don’t they use it? And I provide toothbrushes if they ask for it. What I’m going to start doing is leaving a friendly sign in the bathroom. We are about to be very intimate. Please take the time out to freshen up. A toothbrush, mouthwash and wash cloth are left here for your use. The fuck. Some boys just don’t know how to taste their own breath. 3. When your teeth look like you’ve chewed on tar, there’s no way I’m letting you down there.

I wish things were like the old days when there would be someone inspecting the patrons before they saw the ladies. Because these patrons need to be inspected! Why in the fuckin world do you think it’s ok to even exist with teeth that damaged. There are these professionals in the world called DENTISTS. And it behooves you to first see one before trying to hire someone for intimacy.

So my regular cut me off. Fuck him. Your breath stinks. Your teeth don’t look good. And I am the only one that has control over what is done to my body, NO ONE ELSE. I mean grant it I took his money. But he paid with no issue and we had fun together, at least so I thought.

But this guy I met recently took the cake. First, he has been calling me for a bit now wanting to set up a non-intimate session. Fine. You just want to be touched without all the perks. He comes and he’s fairly tall and handsome. I immediately notice his trifling teeth by the way. So, we’re in a session and I am massaging him. These sessions are $1 a minute and he booked about 75 minutes worth. And to my surprise, (because he insisted on the phone that he was not interested in anything else, boy am I naive), he tries to touch me. I have to slap his hands away and simply tell him, you didn’t pay for that.

After a little back and forth he finally settles down and let’s me give him a non-sensual touch. When the session is over he sits up and wants to know if he can pay me to go further. Now I love my money, but I couldn’t say yes to this. Prior to him getting to my space it was a horrible rainy day in the city and I had left an event early to try and get this appointment since slow seems to be the name of this game lately. Reluctantly I head back to my space to meet him after accidentally giving him the incorrect address.

The appointment doesn’t happen for a couple hours after it was scheduled. At this time I have my family member show is staying with on the way home form work. I try to finish the appointment before this person gets in as they have no clue what I do. To my dismay they show up close to the end of the session. I’m trying to push this guy out and he’s trying to stay in, having a rather inappropriate conversation with me about 10 minutes more of my time while my family member sits in the hallway. I am growing incredibly frustrated and sweating as I don’t want them to hear what he is saying and he is insisting on staying longer.

At some point he tells me that he just wants to go down on me or some shit like that. And I’m thinking to myself, really? With those teeth! I mean they were disgusting. Clearly rotting from his lack of brushing and flossing. I could not believe that he wanted to do this to me, let alone married to someone he may also do this to. I had to sternly tell him he needed to go as I have things to do and someone waiting for me. In order to get him out I had to ask the family member to please wait in the driveway of the house next door so this nosey client of mine didn’t see them. I live in a fairly small house so there would be no way for him to even assume this person was coming to me as opposed to say the neighbor. It was freezing out, and even after being dismissed he was still taking his time.

I’m not sure this was worth the $75. He called again sometime after but I was unable to see him. But why would I? Men with teeth like that should invest in every oral hygiene care known to man. And should be fined a respectable amount of money to dare think they can kiss or go down on someone just because they have a mouth.

File this one under disgusting.


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