Like clockwork whenever I am pretty darn sure I am leaving the world of self-employment, the surprise influx reels me back in. Today, for the first time in a long time, I saw multiple clients on the same day. It made me feel special, that all my boyfriends and new potential partners in lovemaking and intimacy would contact me wanting to spend time. One of them even had no issue with massaging me for my pleasure. He wanted to make me happy. A side note: He is not the first overweight boyfriend that I’ve been with who had stamina and a hard thrust. Open your mind ladies, big boys are giving it all to you for a multiple orgasm effect!

But things are looking up. After weeks of lonely nights and dry pockets, the boys are back! Is it all-star weekend? Is it something in the air? Who knows! All I know is, I like money and the ability to splurge on bills and other responsibilities. This will not however, stop my quest to be less self-employed and go back into conventional employment where brown noses are donned and egos are out of control.

I doubt I will last anywhere. But I am looking forward to a paystub, guaranteed income and a spot on the basic bitch train. Oh to be ordinary is but a dream.


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