Do you have sex with all your clients?

I’ve been asked this question a couple times in the past few months. I sense it may become a trend. Why do people insist on asking questions that they don’t really want to hear the answer to? Better yet why do you ask a working girl such a question? Are clients now under the illusion that whores don’t engage in intercourse? Or are there new books out there influencing new ideas, like we try not to have sex with all our clients and succeed?

How about we all enjoy the fantasy and stop trying to destroy it with intrusive questions. You go home to your significant other. There is no need for us to get so deep into my sex life. Whether I do or do not is none of anyone’s business. Sounds like another way to discriminate against women in this trade. My god even whores don’t have the right to sleep with as many people as she damn well pleases.


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