Friendly loving

I pride myself on rarely having intercourse outside of negotiations. It keeps me in check. I’m a far different person as a ho, than when I’m in normal girl mode. As a ho, I take no shorts. I will dismiss you at the drop of a hat if you cross the line. As a regular girl, I tolerate way more shit from my mates than I should. But I try to keep my ho mentality in mind whenever I move about the days, in order to protect myself from the dangers of romance. But every now and then an urge fulfills me. I want to have passionate dirty sex where I’m not worried about the clock. Where I’m not saying in the back of my mind, if I let him stay for several hours will he then take me for granted after? So I sought this out recently and got it from one of the very few male friends I not only have, but can trust that he would not change after. Every girl needs one. Sadly, he left my home in the middle of the night ruining my chances of insatiable moments of riding and epic morning sex. But it was fun nonetheless. I wish I could have given him more of me. But the copious amounts of alcohol in my system and exhaustion cause me to pass out soon after our merging was over. I hope to see him again tonight and make up for the lost moments. But whatever happens, I want to say thank you my friend. You delivered from yet another evening of back-to-back masturbation until I passed out. #aintnothinliketherealthing


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