New Years Flashback

I don’t know what happened to me around the holiday time but I was in rear form. I don’t recall being that horny in a long time. I usually have spouts of excitement actually, and it comes only a few times a year. I was drinking and I was ready. And just my luck one of my regulars called me. I was staying away from my usual location and he came by to see me. But I was unprepared. Forgot all my protection. I had been seeing this client for a while though, and my sex drive took the best of me. So outside of normalcy I began to give him a BJ with the rubber. I gave him the hottest skin to skin lap dance, teasing him every step of the way. And to my surprise he did something he never did before; he spread my cheeks and dove in for one of the best cunnilingus experiences I’ve had in some time. Both of us knew we couldn’t go there, so this was one hell of a tease session. It was HOT! He had an erection like I have never seen him have before. And I gotta tell you I wanted to feel all of his 5 inches in me like it was the biggest most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

We’d drunk a little coquito, and I was sipping on different kinds of absolut before he arrived anyway, I was LIT and we went in. The thing about men with small penises is that it’s so easy to fit in my little mouth and tiny throat. I can do things with them orally that I have to work really hard for with a more well endowed man. But I gave him head like the champion I was. When he ejaculated it flew out like magic milk. His moans were epic. I almost wanted to swallow it. It was beautiful. These my friends are the things sex are made of.

After he left, I remember wanting either him to come back or anyone to call my phone so I could let loose on them. But no one. I spent the night calling people trying to get them to come visit me to no avail. I could have died! Instead I had to masturbate, and I passed out waking up the next morning angry that there was no dick available when I was in the mood to take 10 of them at once. Sigh. My life.

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