I’m still a black heaux. And you know you love it.

In an effort to not disappear into complete oblivion, and hope that someone will read my shit and publish my diatribes, making me the first Black Heaux novelist millionaire; I have ventured off to write at least 500 words per day. This means more posts from me, and even more reasons you can judge me. Hooray. Do note however, that I can really give two small fucks about any of your negative thoughts about my work. Not that any of you have sent me vulgar useless commentary. But I think if the presence of what I’m doing here grows it will be inevitable. So. Since I’ve been gone for far too long, I present to you my last date.

Sigh. How I hate when I forget to stick to my rules. Things have been pretty slow for the past several weeks. The only thing I’ve been thinking about lately is falling in love and having copious amounts of unprotected sex with my love interest. Sex work is so safe for a girl like me that sometimes all I want to do is experience the joys of civilian sex. I want to freely let a man cum on my face and in many other places. But alas, true love has not found me. And judging by my track record it never will.

When times are slow on the grind this is what typically happens to me. I become a regular old civilian female again and I want to experience the danger that is romantic love. When things pick up however, I couldn’t care less about frolicking with some man I call my boo. Instead I am happily swimming in monetary wealth and I will have it no other way. So after weeks of trying to hook up, one of my newest regulars finally makes it to my neck of the woods last night. He wants a body rub that can heal his hamstring pain. But then again he wants a sensual side to it too. He doesn’t care for my epic body slide where I rub my DDs across his body slicked down in oil. He goes back and forth with the real rub and the sensual rub, then realizes, oh yes her pussy rubbing on my back would be worthy. Pay me my $200 for the hour, thank you.

So I give him some deep tissue madness. (I watch a lot of massage therapist videos). And then I bring him to the room. I body slide him. And I’m realizing this hurts the cysts that are in my breasts and I may actually have to stop doing this shit. And after the glide it’s time to go down. I grab the condom, it’s ribbed. I loved ribbed. And as I’m blowing him I realize why he had to go to the bathroom twice. And that I forgot my golden rule: A mothafucka must shower before laying in my bed. Needless to say, I was going to suck his dick ’til his head exploded but the swamp ass stopped me. Dear god! There are baby wipes in the bathroom. Why could he not like, clean better? To not spoil the mood I say nothing. But I do ask him what position he wants me in. Spoon. It was a great hard pounding from a White guy who isn’t well hung but clearly enjoys dominating a round Black ass. It’s over faster than our first time. I am pleased. Its the first time I’ve cum since NYE.

I’m glad he visited. I feel a lot less like a loser and like I’m on the path to conquering the world with my pussy. Next time however, the rules are in place. Wash thy ass thoroughly. Cause now I have a big ass blanket to wash, (that I just washed) because his shitty ass was all over it. *Eye roll into the ether*. It’s an occupational hazard. And none of you behave like this hasn’t happened to you in your normal, ho-less sex lives. At least I got paid for it.


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