Slow down…A little guide on how to fuck better

I honestly believe that there needs to be a way to teach people about sex and how to have sex that doesn’t cross the line of gross. Maybe it could start with the acceptance of sex as a biological need, an innate desire, healthy and necessary for life. 

Maybe I should start calling myself a sex coach and teach men how to have sex. I understand that I am just one woman and what one man does to me that I don’t like, another woman might love. But some things no one likes. LIke the speed demon sexer.

Last night I was having sex with this guy, poor thing, already he had a strike against him, the tiny penis.

Anyway after making me cry in excitement with his intense fingering, I thought maybe his little penis had some skills. So he gets on top and begins to do try and sprint in my vagina. I’ve had guys do this before and sometimes it feels good if they know how to stroke (which is often times because they’ve got length). But this was ridiculous. First of all when you want to move that fast you have to know it comes from you moving your body in and out. Not from you shaking the bed like some mad man. You’re in a pussy for crying out loud! And it’s not like I could assist and move, he’s got my legs on both his shoulders. What is with you guys and this too? The first thing you go for during sex is to put legs on shoulders. Why can’t it start out with simple missionary, and slowly the legs begin to rise. Maybe flip over for a back shot, or my favorite the spoon sex? Why is it the very first thing most of you go for is legs on shoulders?

It makes it hard to move, even though depending on who I’m with I can use my abs and back and grind you back. But most of you put us in that position, restrict our movement and then like this fool is so out of rhythm. One minute he’s moving his body, next the bed. But both are in such a fast pace that I had to move my legs to wrap it around him and keep him from moving. “Slow down.” I told him. “Where are you going?” It started to become incredibly annoying. I’m so sick and tired of bad sex that I’m just going to start telling you guys about it. I don’t care. What have I got to lose but some awful sex.

Then to top it off his penis wasn’t really staying hard. He wanted me to get on top. A girl cannot get on top and effectively ride a penis if your penis is limp boys! And I am over blaming myself for limp penises. This guy clearly needed an instructional tantric session. Most of the night was slow and we connected. He stayed well past the time he was suppose to, so this gave us a lot of time to “connect”. But when it came to the sex he went for trying to beat it up like guys with big dicks do, instead of trying to connect with my body and see what would work for both our enjoyment.

Needless to say he didn’t have an orgasm, and I don’t care. 

With sex it’s not about how fast you can orgasm. But how you get to it. Like the point of tantra. It’s not about the destination, but how you get there. 

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