Beautiful Lovers

Sometimes my clients make me so happy. Who says a sex worker cannot have meaningful sex with her clients! Well I sure never did. 

A couple of my oldest clients who I rarely see saw me recently. One of them who is Latino with one of the tiniest penises I’ve ever seen, came by to see me after being MIA for quite sometime. (Sometimes a girl has to reach out to the boys). He was excited about our meeting just 2 days before. Like a kid with the promise of going to Disney Land, it was sweet. When he came by he paid immediately (I love that). He glared into my eyes like he was in love with me. And even though he wasn’t packing much heat, I felt the connection. The session was tantric. We laid, no hurry. Just hugged sitting in the afterglow. I appreciate him so.

Then a day or two later came another distant lover. So respectful. A Black man with a tame demeanor. For some reason our session was steamier than the last. I’d seen him twice. He always had the most erect penis. And for someone who seemed quiet and easy he knew how to hold his own. Anytime I sat on him it was always rock hard like he was having me for the first time. And this time was no different. Drunk in Love came on, my jam! And I gave a hardcore grind! Before you know it, he was no match for me. It was hot steamy and slow, yet over sooner than I wanted it to be. 

Here’s to seeing these two again without a long wait. I’m so busy these days I don’t get out much to play. But I wanted to take a time out to say thank you to my beautiful lovers. You make a girl love her job.

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