Tears of a clown

It’s sad I never got around to writing that new years’ post. I wanted to say thank you to all of the wonderful people that made living this life possible. Without the generosity of my clients I’d be nothing. I hate that when I’m most inspired to come to the screen it’s because there’s some kind of suffering, because honestly being a ho is a happy job, at times.

There are so many gentlemen out there that have made me smile and happy. It’s sad that once in a blue one comes along and makes me feel just crappy. so crappy to tears. I think the only other time I’ve cried this much because of client, it’s when I’ve crossed the boundaries and dated them and it caused my grief.

I’m going to debate telling the story of this via this forum, as my identity is private and I don’t need the entire internet knowing who is typing. But let’s just say that it is highly important that you are considerate of all those that provide you with service. So much goes into making that one-one hour appointment happen. Heavy bags are dragged through the street, events are missed, family members change plans on coming to see you because as the provider you have put the client first. 

It’s important to read the advertisements, follow directions, and confirm your appointments in a timely manner. And be kind to the person in front of you. Emphasis on person. It is not an empty vessel that stands before you. And always remember these are real people that are providing you with services. Not glamour magazine models. If you want a glamour model in front of you, it’s best you be ready to pony up the cash and make sure you are a glamazon as well.

Basically, be kind to your hooker.


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