The disregard for others work

The writing above hits close to home. It’s interesting and disheartening to read how people disregard the use of how each of us use our bodies and energy. What determines what is useful work or a useful way to use our bodies?

It angers me to read that in order to discredit one form of work we must compare it to another form of work deem more worthy in the eyes of society. Why is that all our bodies are not valued? We use our bodies in different but very similar ways. Exerting energy, giving time, providing a service. Working in the military is not something I respect for many reasons which will go unmentioned. But I do respect the use of the body and energy and the time in space.

Working in food service is another service job and feeds hungry people. I don’t respect food service jobs for reasons I will mention. 1. Places like McDonald’s poisons the population with unhealthy eating options. The “food” if you can call it that, is not even made of digestible materials,. and 2. They pay the workers like shit. I have been appalled for many years that fast food service workers just sit back and take the shitty pay they get. It was a pleasure to see them rally for more money.

I take things like this personal because as a person who uses her body and energy to bring service to people it is often disregarded. It’s deemed pointless and skill less trade that should be eradicated. So it hurts me when I see others comment about the work and service that people in fast food provide. They attack them for having children because their poor, as if procreating is something that should only be afforded to those rich. (Note:  Even procreating is classist). And I’m sure many of the people who commented on the post frequent places like McDonald’s, I wonder if they’ve ever just thought of never going in those places again? I mean they think so little of the people and their request for a wage that allows them to not have to work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet, regardless of whether or not they have kids. Not having kids makes matters worse as you can barely get government assistance without them.

Point is, all of our bodies are important. And if you think we all don’t need each other in this world you are highly delusional. Everyone cannot be on top. If someone is not on the bottom then whose backs are we standing on?

And for the record, those in the military should not only earn more money but they should also be allowed lifetime help from serving this pathetic country. And those that work in fast food services should be making at minimum $15/hr. I say $20 because at $15 an hour without kids YOU ARE FUCKED. The taxes they take out on you will skin you alive. You can barely pay rent and utilities on $15/hr, especially when you live in one of the most expensive cities in America. think NY and San Francisco.

We all need each other. Regardless of your beliefs ALL our bodies are important. ALL of our minds. ALL of our existence. We cannot survive without each other. And treat your fellow human being well. You’ll feel better about yourself and you can never be sure of who you will need and when you will need them.

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