Discounts, discounts, discounts

Maybe I should run my sessions like some other businesses do. Have signs put up everywhere letting patrons know what I’m not responsible for and what I don’t partake it.

There should be signs from the door to the floor stating no discounts. The nerve on some of you. Those asking for discounts are usually clients paying 1. the cheapest rate. And 2. Who I’ve only seen once. and on some occasions a client whom I only see on occasion. 


Those worthy of discounts IMO are those that first and foremost sees me regularly. Preferably those that are coming several times a week or month. You should only feel entitled to one if have the ability to pay for an entire month or week upfront, or several sessions.

I find it to be so awkward when a first time client asks for a discount right when meeting me or rather while spending time with me. Then seem offended by my answer of no. I never usually hear from these discounters ever again. This is the thing, to me a request for discount from a new comer, tells me how invaluable he sees himself and the energy he gives to someone. For me the discount question is less about just being frugal and more about the time that I’m spending with someone being viewed as of little to no value and why not just give my energy for a cheap rate. Or are these boys just used to laying with discount heaux?

I always find it to be so insulting. And such a turn off. What have YOU done for me to warrant a discount. Pay up or shut up!

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