Why Black male clients, make the worst clients

I thought I’d entertain you all with some actual heaux text since I’ve gone off the deep end and just decided to share my inner most feelings and nothing technical about the business lately. Well actually, this blog is about me being a Black Heaux, and technically that doesn’t mean I’ll always be writing text about me jerking the nearest cock, so.

Recently a former client turned sweet committed boyfriend (scratches head because as far as I’m concerned that was my money), asked: Why is when he sees ads from providers that many of them say No African American clients. Are we that bad? He asked.

And my response was, yes.

Oh Black men, the ruler of my heart and thighs. Half of who was responsible for bringing me here to earth, you disgust me on so many levels, though I love you deeply.

You are by far the CHEAPEST dates any provider can have. In my experience with you on the stroll and even more so off the stroll; you never ever want to spend money. If you are not asking about specials, as if this is some local crown fried chicken, you want a quickie session. Something that requires that you be in and out quickly and more importantly spend as little amount of money as possible. Then there’s the fact that if you do decide you want to spend the meager amount of cash to spend time with a lady, you come in and try to drain her of her soul.

I have had clients that literally would wear me out until the last second just because he’s paying for it. Or will make every sleazy attempt to go several (yes several) times in a 60 minute time span, all because he’s bitter that some woman has the nerve to be able to charge him for a moment with her. Honestly, one day a guy called me asking if he could go five or six times in 60 minutes. I let him know that although I do give all my clients the full hour with me, I am not a machine!

I try to be a true companion. I don’t charge men to come have sex with me, I charge them to come spend time with me. And part of the misconception that many Black men have about this business is that they are actually paying for intercourse. No darling, the truth of the matter is is that you are paying for TIME. This means that if you come in for a session with a provider, you can talk, drink tea, play video games, rub her feet and if the mood strikes you, as two consenting adults, yes, fornicate. This is based off the impression that you are contacting an indoor sex worker and not a street based one. Though it is not far-fetched if you pay a street based worker for an hour that you can’t just talk to her if that is what you feel like doing.

Going back to the cheapness factor, I’ve had clients come in and short me money. This can go for any race, but I’ve had more than my fair share of Blacks doing it so it needs to be mentioned. It is absolutely not okay to short your provider even $5 for a session. If you are low on cash it is polite and honest to ask for permission first.  Especially if you are a regular, you should know better. Otherwise it is stealing. This is a source of income for that provider, their job. If this were your job and you saw that your check was shorted even $2 each pay period, or hour or whatever, would you pleased? Of course not!

It’s interesting to see how many [Black] men do not value the money they spend to be with a woman. It’s almost an act of resentment towards the provider as opposed to it being a wonderful shared experience where you show your gratitude by making sure that this person can have a space to bring you to with all the amenities that define comfort. Seeing a provider is a privilege not a right. As the person spending money, you are not entitled to do whatever with this individual, and this includes shorting your provider money.

Outside of cheapness there is the fact that you are incredibly rude. It’s like none of your parents taught you proper phone etiquette. A ‘hello’ and an introduction of who you are should always come before you begin to ask a multitude of questions. I can’t say this is only a Black man’s problem, but it’s worth bringing up to you all as an isolated group. Maybe you can pass along the memo?

Before I came to be an erotic companion I always dated Black men. You have and will always be my favorite type of men, despite my inability to pick any of you that is worthy of a second look, let alone a chance to roll in the hay with me. Dating (the actual act of taking a woman out somewhere, paying for the date, picking her up & dropping her off; buying flowers, spending time—no not just plain fucking and then going about your way)  seems to be impossible for you. Communication is null and void. Nowadays you’ve gone from calling every once in a while after sleeping with a girl, to texting incoherent letters that only a tech savvy teenager can understand. Your lack of self worth and self love shines in how you treat your women.

Going back to the client aspect, I’ve gone to the door of clients (blacker than the night’s sky), only to be turned away because I was too ‘dark’, even though I am of medium complexion. I understand preference, but I think there’s a thin line between preference and just not being able to stand the sight of any woman that is darker than the palm of your hand.

As a Black entertainer, if I know the base of my clientele is going to be Black males I MUST price myself cheaper than I am willing because I know that you will more than likely will not pay that price. Instead you will try to bargain me down, even though your wallet may be overflowing. You give a hard time to a provider who is just trying to show you a good time and give you good company. It’s okay if you are done with your session before the hour is up. Don’t put all your value and self worth in your wallet.

You may mess up a good thing with a woman that is willing to give you extra time down the road, or tell you come in for this freebie or quickie just because you’ve been good to me for so long. Don’t treat your providers like cattle because of the line of work. Remember, how you treat them is an outright reflection of how you view yourself and how you likely treat other women or people anyway. It’s not a good look if you come in thinking your provider is just some bitch and this isn’t a job she’s doing.

It’s funny that so many of you view the trade as trivial and mindless and something that you shouldn’t have to pay for because somehow your head has been gassed to believe you shouldn’t pay to be in the comforting arms of a woman.

If it’s such a trivial activity to you then find someone else to give a hard time to. And stop paying for things that you see as worthless. Better yet, stop engaging in worthless acts. If this is how you truly feel about the work, it means you are worthless too.


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4 Responses to Why Black male clients, make the worst clients

  1. Sierra says:

    I can see the logic behind your reasoning. I had my first black client 2 weeks ago and had no idea that he was until I saw him. I had never had sex with a black guy before. He was HUGE! I was scared when I saw it. He turned out to be an awesome lay. I had my second black client last night, and he also managed to rock my world. He was also BIG but not as huge as the first. Now, I hate getting the old white guys, Indian guys are weird and have had some gross experiences.

    • blackheaux says:

      i’m glad you are having good experiences with them. they can be so wonderful in bed. i hate having them sometimes because i get turned out. but i’m happy that you are seeing a side of them that i wish i could get more often!

  2. Miss LPK says:

    Thank you for this post and for all your posts.Black Heaux your path is blessed and your voice is both serious and upbeat.Love it.

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