To Love

I wanted to be close to him. That’s what some of you don’t understand.

It’s not that I need to have a boyfriend or be solely committed to someone. But sometimes a heaux like myself just wants to be close. Intimate and loving and in love in the most innocent of ways. Not with all the stipulations and regulations, but just to love. Unconditionally and with freedom. I don’t want to take your freedom, sometimes someone just wants to love you.

And from time to time have sex with you if it permits. It’s not necessary in order to love you, but it helps drive my connection. 

And in loving you I can at least hope you will respect me in the process. Not see me as just someone fleeting and of no substance, that you can do away with. Or in one of my last bouts of intimacy, someone whom you could ignore and flaunt other women in front of. I’m a person, a delicate one. You should handle me with care and respect. Boundaries should be set and spoken about ahead of time. 

I could have loved him, but he wasn’t ready for my progressive thinking.

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