When you wish you were a worker bee

So this is the thing about being a freelance sex worker. It’s just like any other freelancing, tips only job, when things are slow, you feel like you are rotting away waiting for your imminent death. It makes you wish you’d just been a little more focused or had the drone mentality to keep or seek conventional employment. When work is slow, there’s no money, unless of course you were clever, focused and/or successful enough to save money for rainy days. Right now, I’ve got practically no cash to my name and the phones aren’t ringing.

Tomorrow I hope to visit a friend and have her take some new shots of me. I need to get a ton of money before the end of the month and I am determined to reach those goals. I’ve learned not to worry as the money will come. But my goodness, I’m the lowest on cash I have been since February. What’s a girl to do? This is the time I wish I had a solid man to lean on or family to throw me a few bucks. But alas, this is the life I chose so I have to accept it.

Or maybe I should start a kickstarter fund. Pray for me?

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