Yesterday was a good day.

It was. I had my first client since Sunday. He had common sense, that’s how he was able to get in despite the calls that I received all week. I was too agitated and complacent (at times) to be bothered with others. Afterwards we went out to eat. We talked about life, and my other aspirations and “him.” He concluded it was because of the lack of sex why my friend vanished.

Hmmm…that’s all sorts of sad if it is.

But whatever. I shed little tears if any at all, though I did have a very hard time falling asleep.

I did come back home a tad under the influence and left “him” a goodbye message. 8.5 days is so tragic not to be in touch with someone you were just sleeping next to that long ago. I am still flabbergasted by the move. I saw that he attempted to call me after midnight. But since his number is blocked and programmed to hang up when he calls, that’s what happened.

He hasn’t tried back since. I’m not surprised. He does have my work line and other means of reaching me if he so wished, but when you don’t care, you just don’t care. And I have found that with men, I cannot do anything to make them want me if they don’t. There’s no other explanation for this rash behavior to me other than another woman. Dang I would have loved him.

But screw him! I’m moving on and getting my mind right again. I always need a reminder that everything should be about the money always.

Today will be a good day too. I have a 90 minute session with someone who sounds eager and ready to experience intimacy. Intimacy without the sex. People need to understand the value in that.

-Still lonely and hurt though.

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