Swamp Asss 2: The return of Swamp Ass

I was ready for him this time. I had my ammo ready. He walked through the door and I would give the regular spiel.

Would you like a drink? Have you showered?

And when he said no he didn’t shower, and told him the new rule set for my sessions. Everyone needs to shower now. He didn’t hesitate.

After about 5-10 minutes or so he emerged nice and wet and smelling of soap. I was so excited. This session was not going to be torturous like the last.

I began to oil his back, climbing on top of him as I normally do. And then at some point I come off the back in order to change positions and prep to oil one of the butt cheeks and give it special attention.

And to my surprise there it was again. The return of swamp ass! I honestly could not believe my nose. How does a grown man who just spent time in a shower with ample soap, water and a wash cloth manage not to have cleaned his ass? It didn’t dawn on him to take the soap on the cloth or on his hand and was his ass? And then to top it off baby wipes are in the bathroom. He didn’t think to wipe?

I was LIVID!

So livid I almost got Superman energy and threw his overweight behind out of the window. I wanted to wail on him.

But again, how do you stop someone in mid session to insult their hygiene?

The thing that pisses me off most about Swamp Ass is how he reacts during session. He is gyrating and moaning. He cocks his ass up in the air and grinds. This is his invitation dance because he wants me to peg him but doesn’t want to pay for it. There is all types of movement in the bed that require his ass to be moving in my presence and emitting more foul odor than I DON’T need.

And instead of enjoying this like I would, my face is stuck in poker zone. Upset and offended that anyone would come into an intimate environment and not be on top of their hygiene.

One of my best friends say that he believes that it’s because the man knows he’s seeking an escort why he doesn’t care. I’m an escort in a very urban area and cater mainly to that market. I have been to higher end areas and have experienced the same thing as well. But maybe it is true. Some men regard escorts, hookers, heaux as a lower class persons who deserve no respect. Not even enough respect for their own bodies and hygiene to clean properly before becoming intimate with someone. This is disgusting and nasty in every regard. If you make time to see a heaux and do this, this is a reflection of you and not that individual.

Wash your ass before sexual encounters. Your partner (paid or not) will love you for it.

-NOT Swamp Ass

Update: I’ve decided since the weeks from my last meeting with me and this gentleman, (a good man I’m sure), I will no longer see him as a client. I’m not even going to pretend that I will tell him about his foul ass odor, cause I’m not. It’s so offensive however, that I have to turn down his money.

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