Sigh one of them days…

It’s going to be one of those days, I can tell.

The one where potential clients call and they just don’t want to read my ad details. Or maybe they have but somehow they are managing to find an ancient ad with no details in it at all.

I can’t stand it when clients call me and they ask me questions to things that are listed. It annoys me. But you know what, I’m annoyed today. I need to have some coffee and cheer up. I am letting my personal life affect my work and I can’t afford to have that happen. Turning away good paying customers because I’m upset about some boy I haven’t heard from. 

This is the thing about those service jobs. Days like this make you wish that you were in some back room coding, away from people. But I am not. I am in customer service. I need to be friendly, charming and eager to let a new man in and bring him satisfaction.

Time to put on my working girl hat and act like I did last week when money was flowing and my heart was filled with joy. Sigh, every week can’t be a good week for a heaux. But I can sure try.

-I got nothing.

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